How Taiwan can really attract foreign skilled labour

A refreshing stance from a Taiwanese (?) research assistant that incidentally mirrors some of the points that have been made here (lurker?) … 2003371198

[quote=“Jack Burton”]A refreshing stance from a Taiwanese (?) research assistant that incidentally mirrors some of the points that have been made here (lurker?) … 2003371198[/quote]

Lurker or not, I’m happy to see that story up.

I just find it ironically humorous that the author is advocating Taiwan to become more like HK in terms of language policy, traffic design, and immigration visa. Yet the current administration and the DPP are advocating that HK is the bane to Taiwan society at large…

Perhaps that is the larger problem on Taiwan. Unlike HK, Taiwan is not interested in attracting “outsiders.”

The rise of the DPP to power was in no small part feeding the desire for a BSR-only island. That the BSR lack of skills in certain area was their strength.

Good luck trying to convince that lot to go against their xenophobic and localization tendencies.

“the DPP.”

Ac, do you really believe in what you write here?

Please right me here a xenophobic policy, from the DPP. In return, I think I can come up with a few hundred from the KMT.

Do yourself a favour and try to understand localization. It happens everywhere.
Other ways to look at localization:

a) Mongolia belongs to the Republic of China, according to the KMT, the Republic of Mongolia is a country, according to the DPP -> which one is true, which one is a declaration of war?

b) Sun Yat-Sen name is Sun Yat-Sen, so he should be called like that (DPP). Sun Yat-Sen is the founding father of the country (ROC), so he should be called founding father (in the pure fascist way of emphasizing leaders) -> which one is true, which one is not really alike to be seen in any democratic country?

do you want to go on?

I don’t agree with all of AC’s post, but I agree with this:

[quote]Unlike HK, Taiwan is not interested in attracting “outsiders.”

As I’ve said in other threads, the island is too small. Although HK is tiny too, because it’s a part of China, there’s at least the option for HK residents to live/work in Beijing, Shanghai, etc. I presume that the HK government would prefer less-skilled HK residents to move out and more-skilled foreigners to move in. Machiavellian, but true.

And I think that this:

… is a sort of overstatement of the fact that the DPP rose to power by playing up taiwanese nationalism, a grassroots policy in the south. Not exactly “BSR-only.” But they were selling a story that they were helping shift national rule from WSR domination (back in the day) to BSR.


Uhm, try to stay on topic. Mongolia and Dr. Sun…
I wonder why the PLA and the PRC try to take back Mongolia and honor Dr. Sun as the father of modern China…
Chinese history is not really your strong point I take it.


By the time there was a DPP, a BSR was already president of ROC. So political exclusion of BSR was not an actual policy of the ROC.

The same cannot be said of DPP, who have actively campaigned and recruited within their own party at the exclusion of WSR.

Is Washington known as some other name than his? Maybe 1st President of the US? Does everyone has to right down and memorize that he is the “Great Guy Who Made Us Free From The Evil Imperialistic English”, and every time you want to right his name, you have to put all his words?
And they didn’t go to CKS, aka “President for Life, The Last King of China, Generalissimo and Peanut”. I’m still waiting for them to rename all the KMT related street names in Taiwan, that would be fun…

I think that they just wanted to shift out the national rule from WSR to whatever…
Localization means that policies are made for locals, and thought by locals. The KMT has imprinted in many of the young people’s minds dubious information (to say the least) that cause people to have lack of identity.

Back to the topic, just post the truth about Taiwan in the international media:

a) Loads of good looking girls
b) Loads of warm weather, so the loads of good looking girls wear very low amounts of clothing that make them even better looking…
c) Loads of guys with sociability/“have-to-have-loads-of-money” problems, that makes the loads of good looking girls more available
d) Loads of interest in learning languages by the loads of good looking girls, making it a good excuse to meet a load of good looking girls.
e) Loads of interest in westerner guys, that makes the loads of good looking girls even more available…

Now, they just have to do something with that VISA/ARC thing to make it easier for the loads of good looking girls to be happy…

"ceptin he aint the first pres of the US

Yeah but John Hanson was only around for 1 year and an anti-federalist. So he didn’t even believe in the USA in the modern form.

sorry for the misinformation… but then again, I remembered that US acted as a normal Fascist country after naming their capital after someone…