How to add subtitles to video

Hi, I have an mp3 song, i want to add pictures and make a slide show, this part is easy. But, becuase the song is English I want to have subtitles for the lyrics in Chinese. Not only that but i want the words to appear at the same time they are being spoken like karaoke. How can I do this or what software would I need? Thank you anyone who can help me. Much appreciated.


download an SRT file, open it in notepad, now you know how to write an SRT file

the mp3 is of my friends singing…i want to add ktv style lyrics at the bottom of the screen while the slide show plays…i’ll need to input the words and then match them to light up as they are spoken…is there not software for this?

How much are you willing to pay or how much time are you willing to invest in dowloading crap warez infected with virus and stuff?
What OS are you using by the way?


Windows Moviemaker? Built into windows.

It will do the job, but I’m sure there’s better.