How to adopt a kitten in Taipei County?


I’m a long time cat and dog fan and REALLY want to get a pet here.

Although I’d LOVE to get a dog, I think with my busy/awkward work schedule, a cat would be better.

The question is… how do I even go about this? I’ve always looked in newpapers for people who are giving away puppies and kittens from homes and don’t want to buy one from a pet store… I’d feel awful. Plus, all the pet stores I’ve seen (which haven’t been too many) have only sold dogs or other animals like birds?

I checked the adoption board and there wasn’t anything recently posted… plus as terrible as this is, I really really want a kitten, not a cat. I’ve met some mean cats and really want to raise the kitten by myself. And I’m a sucker for kittens :slight_smile:

Where do I go to “obtain” a kitten? Is there some sort of website I could do this at? Taiwan’s craigslist for animals?

Sorry if this post is an obvious answer - I tried searching and didn’t get much results.


We have an adorable four-month-old black and white kitten still available if you act quickly (within 24 hours or so). After that she might not be available anymore, as we will have to move her to a vet’s office to put her up for adoption there.

Just PMed you!

Often you can just ask at different veterinarians. Twice we’ve taken stray kittens to a vet, and both times the vet has known/ found someone to adopt the kitten.

(In both cases we were prepared to take in the kitten, but didn’t really want to because we already have two cats and feel that’s a good number for us.)

There is a big community online taking care of stray cats - that’s how we got both of ours - but it’s all in Chinese and I let my wife handle that side of things.

We and many others involved in animal rescue are always happy to help connect potential adopters with fosterers (including those who post on the Chinese language sites), so if anyone has a similar request in the future, just post it here like the OP did; there’s never any shortage of lovely animals waiting for new homes!

dragonbones, did they adopt the kitten?

Yes, thanks! :bravo: Little Hope is going to make her new owner veeeeery happy! :slight_smile:

That’s great news. DB, did you find a place for your cats to stay while you are on vacation?

The OP has found a kitty but here’s the list that I was looking for. viewtopic.php?f=109&t=49967

The above forumosa link contains links to many of Taiwan’s animal rescue orgs (and a lot of other info). I’m not sure how many of those links are dead or not though.

I have two foster cats from BARK that are looking for homes and I would be very surprised if you couldn’t find an org close to you. If anyone is in Kaohsiung BARK has an animal adoption day at the pet store near (just north) of the Fitness Factory on Bo Ai on the 3rd Sunday of every month (9/19 is the next). They also have a secondhand/sidewalk sale there on the same day to raise money for the org. And I’m guessing that most of the major cities have similar orgs/events (I see that TaichungPaws has posted in this thread). These are really great options for adopting cats/dogs imo. In addition there are private animal rescuers like DB that frequently have cats/dogs for adoption.

Yeah, thanks! We had a bit of a bump in the road when the babysitter disappeared from the radar screen for a week, right before our trip, but managed to track her down at the very last minute. Phew! :slight_smile:

any kittens need rescuing out there? a friend and I are looking to adopt/rescue 2-4 kittens. we’re in Taipei.

Please give Animals Taiwan a call. If we don’t have any kittens at the centre we will know of kittens up for adoption in foster homes. We do have a ginger kitten coming in soon that has just been rescued. Please give the office a call Mon - Sun 11am to 5pm 02-28338820

thanks UK. will do!

While I’m certain that the Taipei animal rescue orgs have the kittens that you’re looking for I have a great 5-6 month old kitten up for adoption in Kaohsiung. I think my girlfriend is going to Taipei on Monday actually. Alynxa is her name and she has a thread in the adoption sub-forum (I should probably bump it anyway).