How to Be a Cyber-Lovah: Instructions included … ure=accept

Where were you when I was single???

Had the Internet even been invented back then? :wink:

yea, but I didn’t know how to use it…duh!

watch the vid…it is hilarious.

I started doing that stuff back in middle school and then in between girlfriends in highscool. This video makes me realise how dumb it was and I’m glad I didn’t devolve into “Herb Zipper” in the video. That would suck.

When I was in junior high I had very bad acne. So I became a phone-lovah. I developed my phone skills to the point where I could phone up a girl who had no idea who I was…and within a day she would have broken up with her boyfriend and became my “girlfriend” (this was junior high) wihout having met me. It still hurt after making them fall in love with me on the phone…when I’d meet them in person to have them spout some excuse and then shut the door in my face.

Once I got older and the acne cleared up I got a job as a Host at a really upscale dance club…and then the women started pouring in…and my personality went to hell. Now, I’m old and balding and my personality is coming back again…funny how that works.

“I think sex with prostitutes is as natural as bobbing for apples.”

Ahhhhh. I’m not sure what to say.