How to build a bunny enclosure?


A friend of mine, Maurice Harrington, asked me to post this message to see if he can get some advice from you good forumosans. Maurice writes…

Otto and Deidre are two little bunnies that have fallen on hard times.
They are being fed well, but are currently living in a very, very small tool shed, which is just a little bigger than their small cage, at an elementary school in
Ban Chiao. The irony is that this tool shed is in an idyllic spot at the back of the school. Outside, there are trees and grass in a quiet, peaceful environment.
After speaking with the school principal, we found that the school doesn’t have the budget to cover the ridiculous price being quoted to simply erect a fence around a few square meters of land. It wouldn’t take much to put up a fence around the tool shed, which would allow Otto and Deidre a few square meters of freedom and exercise. The fence would need to be pretty sturdy as there are goats there that would probably give the fence a testy headbutt now and then.
We would also need to give the enclosure a wire roof or something to stop cats getting in.
We need people with the tools, materials or know-how to help these poor little bunnies. We will be able to come up with some money to cover materials and,
so far, there will be at least one able bodied man there, ( myself ), who will do as he is told. The materials could be a mixture of wood, wire and plastic wire. Any suggestions are welcome.
Is there anybody out there who can help with materials, tools, labor or
know-how ?
If so, please call Maurice Harrington on 2969 7639.
Thank you.

Rabbits dig. Don’t forget to bury the fence deep into the ground. That was probably where the most expense was coming from.