How to contest stingy insurance company?

Does anyone know how to go about contesting an insurance company here? Basically, the insurance company is telling us we aren’t covered in their accidental insurance policy, but we disagree and want to escalate.

The longer version: My girlfriend and I took out accidental travel insurance with a Taiwanese company before leaving to Japan recently where the first restaurant we went to I discovered I have a severe random seafood allergy (I’ve been eating seafood unabashedly all my life and never had a problem). Within 10 minutes was vomiting violently all over the street, got severe collitis, and spent the night in intensive care. The insurance company is saying it isn’t an “accident” because I should know if I have an allergy. I disagree because… you learn you have an allergy by finding out once. Anyways, we’re totally at a loss as to how to contest this. Any advice would be helpful!

Sounds more like food poisoning, rather than allergy or accident…?


Agree, doesn’t sound anything like an accident. Take out accident and illness insurance next time!

If you have NHI you can recoup some of your costs.

Check the fine print for the definition of each item that’s covered. If in doubt, ask a lawyer (you can make an appointment for a free short consultation at the Legal Aid Foundation).