How to create your own live-streaming server

I need help. I don’t know how to do this.

I tried going through platforms like youtube but they got so much byzantine rules that I’ll never know if they will just block a video just because of what music a guy’s playing or covering might be copyrighted.

So I need to figure out a way to live stream at a fixed location, without needing to go through platforms like youtube, facebook, or whatever.

What do I need at minimum?

I tried doing this but I’m just about ready to commit suicide due to my inability to do it.

You could download one of the closed or open source live streaming software packages, such as here:

If you are more technical, you can do a search on Github for video streaming and live casting projects: video-streaming · GitHub Topics · GitHub

I don’t get what you’re trying to do?

Surely you want (realistically: “need”) to go through an existing platform for anyone to watch it? Otherwise — what? — are you planning to create your own livestreaming platform just for yourself? No one is going to see it.

Seriously, just use what’s already out there without going out of your way to overcomplicate things. Other people manage it. No reason you can’t too. Just need to read what the rules are and use a bit of common sense. If a video gets blocked, so what? Just learn from it and try to avoid doing that again in the future.


I need to have my own platform, because if you use youtube, and then the DJ plays some song on a record, youtube will block that video because of copyright.

And being that it’s a venue, a lot of people will be playing music there, some of which may be recorded music.

And youtube will not allow them. I’ve already gotten 2 videos blocked for this.

What’s your goal or purpose for publishing live streams?

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I’m aware of that.

I still don’t really know what you’re attempting to do, but good luck developing your very own personal live-streaming platform then, I guess. :man_shrugging: :man_shrugging: :man_shrugging:


You could outsource to a software company, like mine, to build and host this kind of solution on your own private cloud servers and you can live stream whatever content you want from it. We can help you set it up somewhere with strong privacy laws that do not follow DMCA takedown requests (such as Switzerland, where many BitTorrent sites are hosted from). A custom solution like that along with consulting on where/how to set up the cloud servers would cost some money.

Or just download one of those softwares I linked to and put it on a home server. It will likely have reliability issues if you are doing it yourself and streaming to many others.

I just don’t know what youtube’s byzantine rules are. All I can do is stream or upload stuff and pray that the algorithm doesn’t shut me down.

Worst comes to worst, I’ll just upload it to a regular webhost, and they can download/watch it themselves. Or upload it as torrents.

I hate DMCA.

Why don’t you just clarify what it is you’re trying to do?

You’ve vaguely alluded to needing to stream from some fixed location/venue where people are playing music, but you haven’t really explained why, or why this is your problem.

Since you’re not an event organizer or venue owner and you don’t seem to know how to do this, it seems like you’re talking about doing it either for “fun” or because somebody else has asked you to do it for their benefit (like streaming some performance).

If the latter and you’re being paid for it, fine, go ahead and figure it out. If you’re not being paid for it, why bother wasting time on it and making it your problem? Just tell whoever asked that you don’t know how to do it and let them figure it out.

Talking about developing a live-streaming platform for somebody else, if that’s what’s happening, just seems unnecessary and not a good use of your time (it reminds me of all the stuff you posted about turntable repairs to save money for someone else, at the expense of a lot of your time).

FWIW, I see music events in Taipei live streamed all the time without apparent issues, by the musicians and by the venues. I would just do what they’re doing without overthinking it, especially if you have nothing to gain personally. Even doing it on an established platform, the number of people watching it would likely be too small to justify spending very much time on at all (especially if they don’t know how to do this already so are unlikely to have any real audience).

Just my :2cents:.


What do you need at a minimum? Research…

You can live stream from a phone / camera to a media server, then use AWS to stream to multiple users at same time. Build some NAS drives to save recorded content to.

Live news is done this way so are sports to sport books streaming apps.

I live stream in realtime streams ( not buffered streams you would do ) you want quality over delivery time.Wows

I assume you want to Livestream for income?

My non sports IPTV clients stream to a HDTV device to a Wowzer platform then to a CDN for multicasting at different bitrates for those watching on phones / tabs and those using large TV/s or computer monitors.

More than a 100 bucks anyway :joy:

Thanks, I will look this up.

I’m not looking to make money, just streaming live events and DJ sessions, and youtube’s byzantine copyright rule makes DJ sessions problematic.



I would start with coming up with a number of people you think may watch, that should give you an idea of the bandwidth you need. From that you can look for deals for cloud hosted servers on which you can run streaming software… or you could just use one that exists already.

On the other hand if you are expecting a few watchers you should easily do that most hinet consumer connections and a small Linux server.