How to determine native resolution?

I have a no-name 42 inch plasma that I purchased a year or so ago and I want to use powerstrip on my Home Theater PC to setup the resolution for my DVI out settings. I do not remember what the resolution of the monitor is. It was not a standard resolution.

Is there a program, or some other way, to determine what the native resolution of my monitor is? Any help would be much appreciated.

Have you tried plugging it into the PC? Most modern hardware (and you said it has DVI so that’s modern) will query the monitor and get the supported resolutions automatically.

It is plugged into the PC now via VGA and it works. I am trying to do 1:1 pixel mapping for DVD playback via the DVI cables. I haven’t tried to plug it in via DVI yet as when I tried that with my projector it just didn’t work. I will just try to plug it in and see what happens.