How to get a job as an elementary school teacher

This is more for foreign elementary school teachers but if you have any information that can help I’ll highly appreciate it. What’s the easiest to get a job at an elementary school? and which one would be the easiest private or public schools, I’m tired of working in cram schools with ridiculous hours and getting off work super late so I’m thinking about finding an elementary school, so any info will be helpful thank you

For both, private and public schools you need to be a certified teacher from your home country. If your from America, a substitute teacher license can also work. Private schools accept open work permits instead of the license. I’m not sure if public schools will though.

There’s also a new position created by the MOE for their . I think it’s called foreign teacher assistant. I don’t know much about that, but I don’t think you need to be certified to be one. You can find more information about it here

Also note that for public schools some cities will have their own programs in addition to the MOE one.

For finding a job, just check the Facebook groups. The recruiters regularly post openings in there.

You need to be licensed to work in a public school for a reasonable wage. If you want to be an “assistant” (new this year), your monthly income is only 45k/month, but you only need an undergrad degree in anything. Given how schools have historically used King Car and Fulbright to make them do more work than is permitted in the FET contract, this is probably a raw deal.

As I’ve said before, not having a license/instead getting a sub license is not sufficient preparation for what most FETs are expected to know and be able to do, which is usually everything on your own. Some private schools can get you a work permit if you’ve worked in TW in English for at least two years, but again, a license through traditional means (taking the correct classes, not paying for someone to magically make you a certified teacher on paper) is going to prepare you significantly better for your job. You’re not going to have much by way of mentors here…

I don’t know about that man. Some FETs have a pretty easy gig. It varies a lot. Some people have (and want) autonomy, others get their hands held for a year or more.

There’s not much point in applying for the teaching assistant position. Just get a sub license and you’re good to go. The job - regardless of what the MOE says - is pretty much the same either way.

The problem with private schools is ridiculous demands and games over money, depending on your boss and how reasonable he/she is. The problem with working for the MOE or city and county governments is bureaucracy and some long office hours. Pick your poison. The private schools know the market they’re dealing with, the MOE knows the field of education, and finding a happy medium between the two understandings can be hard.

If you’re working in Taipei, Taichung, Tainan, Kaohsiung and some other places be aware they have their own FET programs. Many counties also employ teachers on the side as well. Kaohsiung and Tainan get a lot of their teachers through the Teach Taiwan recruiting agency, but I do know an MOE teacher in Tainan. Knowing where one program ends and another begins can be hard.

I wonder how they’re going to use the assistants? Lol

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I’m still stuck in America (looks like I’m likely get issued a special landing permit soon to work public school in Taipei finally) and I’ve been subbing at schools that have a coteacher or assistant teacher. It’s actually been really helpful. The coteacher can help with large class sizes when the kids are working and need help. It’s basically like having two teachers who can help out when kids are struggling. You cover way more ground this way. The coteacher can also help maintain order and keep a class on track by silently visiting students who are losing focus. I can’t believe just how much easier teaching is with a coteacher

I’m sure it is. However, I doubt the assistants will only be assisting in Taiwan.

You’re probably right about that.

And I doubt many schools want to pay two teachers when they can be paying one. If I were a teacher, I’d rather have that extra money go to me and teach the class myself. Maybe teachers think differently though.

I live in the countryside, and the neighborhood leader is always asking me to teach at the elementary school. I told them I don’t have a license, but they don’t care. They can’t get any foreign teachers there. They couldn’t pay anything near my normal salary though.

Planning, prepping for and teaching classes completely alone, teaching significantly more than the maximum 20 classes/week, running clubs and camps for other schools and not getting paid for it, website translation…all for 45k/month. Meanwhile, a totally new licensed teacher gets 62k/mo to start off with plus TONS of benefits

Edit: and an FET doesn’t have to deal with any of the things I just mentioned/gets paid handsomely to do the above things, if they so choose

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