How to get a sugar baby?

About as useful as…


:sweat_smile: are you serious?

Nah, the wife ran off with his best friend and he really misses HIM. :smile:

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Back on topic, please

That’s very forward of you!

Dead serious!

But we split bills, ok?

Ah… this reminds me of something…


Ok what about a sugar moma? Is that what we call them?

(Serious answers please)

Yeah, but in my house it’s “Wife” or “honey.”

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And now…you’ve scared her off. :open_mouth:

Now… Imagine she’s the jimny woman!

(Nah, she’s not)

You’re definitely up to something

:sweat_smile:, I’m not. It sure will be one hell of a coincidence

Age doesn’t match.

At this moment, I’m not sure if I prefer a young one or one with a Jimny :thinking:

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New Jimny or Old Jimmy?

At this point I don’t care!

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How about a chick in a blue truck?

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What chick, what blue truck?

Also, are you in that business now?

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I hadn’t lost all hope yet… yet TG wants me to do so.

Betelnut stained teeth ok?

Can’t even stand smokers’ teeth so… no.

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