How to get a sugar baby?

Hey there. Happy weekend.

What is the best way to get a sugar baby in Taiwan? Is there any website? Does anyone have any experience? Please share.

This will be a fun topic :thinking:

Before anyone says it, let me cover the part of “oh well, most relationships in Taiwan are somewhat sugar baby-y anyway”.

See, I’ve said it. Now, everyone please stick to on-topic answers.

My best try at an useful answer: try tinder etc, clearly stating your idea.

PS: @krane are you German? “Happy Weekend” was in times before internet (is?) The name of a swinger contact ads magazine… Yeah, I only know because I was working in a gas station and had to sell these :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ll do it. I might not be what you’re looking for though, and I’m unreasonably expensive.


This must be the easiest thing in the world to get. How much are you willing to provide?


If you’ve got enough money I’ll be your sugar baby.

I’m a bald man in his 50s.

EDIT: dammit. @Andrew best me to the punch.


On topic, please. “I’ll do it” from old guys is covered already.

Come on guys, I KNOW someone has done this and checked the usual suspect websites if they have any taiwan entries.

If you want to stay anonymous, you can PM me and I’ll post it here on your behalf.

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All the cool kids are on Tinder


Wait they’re not here on forumosa? :rofl:


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So THAT’S why you hang around here so much :slight_smile:

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Still waiting for that sugar, baby! :upside_down_face:


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I’ll volunteer to be your sugar baby too…

And I’m Taiwanese too.

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It isn’t typically a volunteer position

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Just go into any dodgy jiu dian, flash the cash and you will get ypur sugar extracted.


Somebody mentioned on fm a while back that girls hang around at XiMenDing waiting for opportunities. I wouldn’t know if this is (still) accurate. I’m pretty sure Tinder would be your best bet these days. All you have to do is wade through the crazies, bots, and people trying to sell you stuff.

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Ximen seems to be known more for LGBT these days.


Tell the girls on the dating app that you are married (even if not). They will ask “how much are you willing to pay” ?


Shouldn’t this be, “How to become a Sugar Daddy?”


Depends on

  • Location
  • Willingness and ability to spend and support
  • Interest in going out or staying home to get

It’s kind of the same as meeting escorts until you find one you like for long term, or going out to different kinds of clubs also until you find one you like for long-term.

Some apps have them maybe hinting around and lately seems Bumble is popular for just about everything.

They are pretty common in Taiwan. Compensated dating, xiao san 小三, friends with benefits although maybe not exactly technically a sugar baby, etc

First you just have to meet women and it goes from there.


Yeah, maybe Little 3 (I’ll go with “girlfriend”) is a more apt description of the relationship than Sugar Daddy.

Some stay on the bus for decades. Some wives accept it, and some do not. Some wives divorce, and some husbands marry the GF. Not exactly banging a young hotty for the sport of it, which is how I see Sugar Daddys.

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Make a tinder and write you’re looking for that kind of relationship on your profile