How to get a Taiwan Passport - Currently using Philippine Passport

Hi Everyone,

I had been browsing through the forum and can’t get any straight answer. I was hoping if someone could help me with my situation. First of all, my parents are Taiwan Citizens (Mom is Taiwanese and Dad is Naturalized). I was born in the Philippines. I am currently on a special Visa due to my medical status, Currently holding a Philippine Passport.

Is there a way of getting a Taiwan passport for me without leaving Taiwan? If yes, how and where? If no, how to get it from the Philippines? how and where(This part is for those who can from the Philippines.

I would like to know how the process would be when getting it from here in Taiwan, where to process it, who to look for, and how much.

Same thing if it is in the Philippines, how to process it, where to process is, who to look for, how much, and how long would it take.

Also, I was wondering, I can’t rememeber where I read it, but would hiring a lawyer process my Taiwan passport and citizenship possible?

Would love to hear from everyone.

Thanks in Advance! Cheers!


  1. Do your parents live here?
  2. Do they have a household registration?
  3. How old are you?

If you are not a minor, I think you should leave taiwan once. I’ll check it later, if no one gives you more info.

You are a Philippine national visiting here on a Philippine passport, this won’t be a fill out a form and pay a fee type experience, . You need to establish Taiwanese nationality or Overseas Chinese status first. I’d suggest you go and talk to the Bureau of Consular Affairs. You’ll need your birth certificate and proof of your mother’s citizenship at the very least.

Thanks for your input.

Hi tando,

  1. My parents live here
  2. I don’t have a household registration
  3. am 39 years old

Hi Benj

I’m Overseas Chinese from Philippines.

If your parents are in Taiwan,
You will need their documents, your mom ID and your dad’s ID or any one of them.
and i’m sure your parents have household registration.

However, you will need this household registration on later stage.

Since you are born in Manila your documents need to be translated and parents marriage contract whatever related need to be authenticated if these are not enough you and your parents will have DNA test to confirm na anak ka ba talaga nila.

Pero mas mabuting you have to go and contact with TECO (Taiwan Economic Cultural office in Philippnes) visit this web ->

Goodluck and this process will take time.

You don’t need lawyer.

Hi Jo,

Thanks for the response. If you say it would take time, how long would it take before i get my Taiwan Passport assuming I got all the needed paper works? This site - says 14 working days processing. I heard other wise. I am already confused with all the processing and requirements. With my current physical condition, I can’t go around that much so I rely much online information. My parents are mostly busy and the only time i get to speak with them are on sundays.

Thanks again for your response.

Taiwan passport: I have no idea as my situation are different from you, however do try to submit your documents and please make sure all “certified true copies” because your document will put under microscope if it was true or fake.

Your situation is little complicated because you are born in Manila with Taiwan parents as you says, but holding Philippine passport.

Additional question from me: do you have ARC = Alien residence certificate issued by foreign affairs in Manila?

The part taking long time is getting all the needed documents. Once you collect all of them properly, you can submit an application, and the application will be processed in 14days.

Using a broker might be an option. You might have read already, but the following threads would give some info.

Hey Jo,

Sorry, I don’t have an ARC. Like I said earlier on my post, I am here on a Special Visa (Medical Reasons).

Anyways, thanks again for your response.