How to get a Taiwan police certificate when overseas?!

I am currently overseas and need to get a Taiwan police certificate. I found this government website but it requires someone to go in-person with your original passport: 警察刑事紀錄證明書

Is there a way to do this online?

To the best of my knowledge no way of doing it online, but is possible to do it with a notarized copy of your passport and a notarized power of attorney. both documents need also to be authenticated by your local TW representative.
you can then send it to someone in Taiwan and they can do it for you.

In case you need power of attorney and don’t have anyone you can ask.

Last time I checked, you could send your application by mail, no POA necessary.

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Do you have a link for this?

I stupidly moved back to the UK without getting a police check done. I assumed that Taiwan, like the UK, allowed you to apply and post police checks online.

Bonus math challenge! :nerd_face: Compare the amount of USD you send them with the amount of TWD shown on the receipt they send back. :speak_no_evil:


Thank you yyy!

Er, I don’t suppose you know where to find the application form?! It doesn’t seem to be listed on that site.

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They hid it in a different menu.