How to get cash from your Ruten account?

I have some money in my Ruten account that came from a couple of transactions and now I want to cash it out. I wonder what different options I have. I tried to link a debt card to my Ruten account but it kept failing (it accepted all fields including APRC number but I suspect this one could be the culprit, IDK).

Anyone has experience with this?

The cash that you receive by selling goods as a seller goes directly to your PChomePay支付連 account…you need to first sign up and create an account with PChomePay (On the seller’s page, you can see this setting on the left—>簡易註冊)

After creating your account, you will then you need link your bank account to your PChomePay支付連 account by clicking on 提領帳號設定 as seen on the screenshot above.

Once everything is linked up, you can start withdrawing funds from your PChomePay支付連 account to your bank account by clicking on 收款管理中心 under 收款及計費管理, then clicking on 提領

Your funds will then be transferred to your account after 3~5 days. You cannot credit the funds to your credit card/debit card account. You can only withdraw it to your own personal bank account which they will verify by asking you to send in your ARC/APRC/ID copy.

I don’t think they accept debit cards, only credit cards are accepted. Once your CC has been registered with Ruten, buyers can buy your goods by paying with their CC.

I had a PC Home Pay account or whatever the name is… but I cannot link the freaking bank account or debt card or even verify my ID since they want Chinese names and the APRC number doesn’t pass the validation. WTF!!!

Yes, your bank account name must be in Chinese for the funds transfer to work. Did you create this Ruten Account with your APRC number? and now this account cannot validate your bank account number since it cannot link your bank account to this Ruten account? Your best bet would be to send an email your customer support and tell them your issues.

If it still fails to work, then perhaps you can ask a Taiwanese friend to use his/her bank account to link it with this Ruten account? It might not work but you can give it a try. If all else fails, then the only way out for you would be to buy something off Ruten that costs approx. the same as what you have stored in your PCHome account and pay for that using your funds.

Actually I started the process from a different link and now I don’t need to enter any name, it’s a predefined, non editable field. Good.

Yes, I created my Ruten account and my PCHome account using my APRC number without any problem… until now. I did create some issues, which BTW took me every time to an error page… so I kept sending them the feedback only to create like 5 issues that are the same. What a POS of website, seriously.

I did manage to send my bank details for creating a withdrawal account and I do get a code in my phone for verifying it’s me but something seems wrong, it asks me to check the data. It’s most likely the date I create my bank account. Seriously, why do they need to know this and who the fuck knows it???

Yeah, I’m going to start to ask for help…

Or maybe this is also a problem. I need to choose among these options:


First hair? seriously?

This is the way/type your ARC/APRC/ID has been issued to you.
初發—> Initial Issue
補發—> Reissue
換發—> Exchange
Check your APRC’s date of issue…after the date, there will be 2 chinese words there, usually it will be 初發, 補發, 換發, sometimes 換領. Check which one applies to you and choose accordingly.

Yeah, I figured that out… thanks! they sent me an email asking me to attach some form and copies. This is very, very stupid.

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