How to get NWOHR Passport

My mother was born and raised in Taiwan, she immigrated to US with my grandparents in the 1970s.

For the last decade, my mother was trying to renew her passport, but she couldn’t provide proof. Then in 2018 my aunt, her elder sister found an old HHR and TECO was able to locate my mother and her ID card number身分證號碼 to renew her passport. She successfully renewed her passport and was planning to go to Taiwan with her new passport to get a new ID card (身分證) but this got delayed due to the pandemic.

I was born in 1980s and I am looking to gain a NWOHR Passport through my mother. My father is not a Taiwan citizen, and have no association with Taiwan. My parents were married and divorced in 2000s.

From my understanding, since I am born after 1980, I am eligible through my mother.

I called and emailed my local TECO but have yet to hear back for over a week and other TECO office out of state refuses to give me information. I would like to see what kind of documents I need to gather while I wait for more information on how to apply.


  1. A completed passport application form
    >>> A. So I am looking at the application form, under the name section is are three boxes.
    Chinese Name: I have a Chinese name with my father/birth last name
    English Name: Last, First Middle (Is this the pinyin of my Chinese name or my birth name in my US passport? What if I had a legal name change?)
    AKA English Name: First Middle Last

  2. Copy of my passport

  3. Original copies of birth certificate (my own)

  4. Mother’s marriage certificate
    >>> B. Does the birth certificate and marriage certificate need to be translated? If so, is there a template somewhere I can use to self-translate?

  5. Document authentication forms
    >>> C. Do I need to submit a form for each of these?
    My birth certificate? Mother’s marriage certificate? Or do I fill them out together in the same form?

  6. My mother’s ROC passport

  7. Application for entry permit

  8. Two passport photos

  9. Fee for filing

>>> D. So I just got a one sentence reply from my local TECO office, I just need application, my birth and mother’s marriage certificate, but the person didn’t say if I need to translate or not. Also, does my mother need to register her marriage in Taiwan?

Thank you in advance!


Fyi in Mandarin

the instruction says

  1. 返國辦理戶籍登記時,國內相關機關將要求申請人出具小孩出生證明、父母親結婚證書、疫苗接種卡等文件,相關文件之原本及中譯本須先經我駐外館處驗證,有此需求者,建議同時辦理。

So, I guess you don’t need to translate for a passport.

the instruction says

(1)美國政府機關核發之結婚證書 本及影本(非本處轄區之文件須先經發證地區我駐外機構驗證)。
(2)或最近3個月內已完成結婚登記之戶籍謄本 本及影本。
(3)或已登記配偶欄之父母一方中華民國身份證 本及影本

So, I don’t think it needs to be registered.

Hi Tando, thank you for your reply. I have another question if you happen to know or can help me. So my parents were once married and now they are divorce. After getting my Taiwan NWOHR passport, I will go back to Taiwan and obtain a TARC.

Can TARC only be obtain in Taiwan? Or can I get it prior to going to Taiwan?

Also my parents were once married and divorce and never registered their marriage/divorce in Taiwan. I would hate to get my father involved because he does not want to have anything to do with my mother anymore. To get TARC, I was told my mother had to register her marriage, and then add me? Can she skip the step to register her marriage?

you can apply for it prior to going to Taiwan.

I don’t know.

Do you know how I can find the link to apply for TARC in San Francisco? My Mandarin isn’t that great and when I called they said I can only do it in Taiwan.

Here it is

Notices for the Application of National Living Abroad without Registered Household in Taiwan Area for Residence in Taiwan Area

Application procedures and places:
Overseas: apply to our overseas embassies, representative offices, overseas office or other institutions authorized by Ministry of Foreign Affairs (hereinafter the Overseas Office) and the Overseas Office will forward the application to National Immigration Agency (hereinafter the NIA) for management.

For application of residence filed abroad, the single entry permit and carbon copy of Residence Certificate of Taiwan Area will be issued. The applicant shall enter the county against the certificate before the expiration of such carbon copy (valid for six months from the next day of issuance) and switch such carbon copy, Alien Resident Certificate (exempted if not applicable) and identity certificate to Residence Certificate of Taiwan Area at service centers of the NIA within fifteen days after the next date of entry. However, when the applicant has not reached age of fourteen, the switch may be managed by his/her legal representative or via registered mail.
Period as required for review: seven days (excluding the date received, holidays, document supplementation and mailing period)

Thank you, but where do I find the application for it?

Hi Tando,

I was able to somehow navigate the Chinese version of the website and found this which I am not 100% sure if it’s the same information for the English link you provided.


If this is the correct link, I am guessing that is the correct application I am looking for to apply for TARC?

Also, in the section: Where to apply?


It doesn’t say how I can apply from abroad (local TECO office). Please correct me.

Due to COVID, I am hoping to apply for the TARC prior to arriving in Taiwan so I can also expedite my 365 residency stay as well.

That is a different one to apply for a citizenship after a certain period of residency in Taiwan on TARC.

The Chinese instruction on TARC application is here. You find aplication form at the bottom.



Hi Tando, do you by any chance know how my mother can get a copy of her household registration from the US? (Without physically going back to Taiwan)

And also a replacement 身分證?

Fyi in Mandarin

In short, your mother need to get her ID authenticated at TECO, and get her HHR document by mail.

She might be able to get her new ID at TECO too.

Is there any information or link on how to obtain an ID card abroad?


Q8. 海外國人無法親自回臺換發國民身分證(New eID),舊身分
理遷入登記,再同時申請換發 New eID。
會收到換證通知單,屆時自排定之日期起上網申請換發 New

From 數位身分識別證(New eID)簡易問答集
內政部 109年11月版

The rule seems to be that she should do it in Taiwan, but it won’t do any harm asking to TECO.

Hi Tando, do you by any chance know if my 1 year old son can apply for his NWOHR passport the same time I apply? So we can serve our one year together? Or do I need to get my NWOHR passport first and then apply for his NWOHR passport?

Its also to my understanding that since he is born in the US he qualifies as Overseas Chinese, so he can live in Taiwan <183 days per year no problem after he reached legal age for military. Maybe its too early to worry about.