How to get Permanent Residence as a NWOHR passport holder?

Her husband has TW ID, because he´s taiwanese.

Yes, but her husband is not your blood relative, so that doesn’t do you any good.

Your blood cousin herself needs to be the Taiwanese with an ID. She can become a Taiwanese through her husband. Once she becomes Taiwanese, then you will be able to get a TARC and eventually an ID. (Assuming the immigration agency allows citizenship through cousins.)

Aunts and uncles as well as cousins definitely don’t count.

That’s good to know. Do you have a source you can post? Because the immigration agency website states “certain distant blood relatives”. What could they possibly mean by that if even aunts and uncles are not considered “distant blood relatives”?

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1. Has a lineal blood relative, spouse, sibling, or spouse’s parent with registered permanent residence in the Taiwan Area. If the kinship is based on adoption, the adoptee must be under the age of 12 and reside in the same household with the adoptive parent in the Taiwan Area. No more than two adoptees may be recognized for this purpose. The applicant must be married for at least three years if the kinship is based on marriage; however, those who have given birth to a child during the marriage are not subject to this limitation.

Those are the official information of the National Immigration Agency. I think it is clear that neither aunts/uncles nor cousins are direct blood relatives.


I got the following situation.
Received my NWOHR passport, neither of my relatives has household registration or TW ID.

I read many have asked a landlord or a friedn to be added to his Household registration in order to obtain TARC. How does this process work?

My situation is I´m NWOHR. Hold a passport without ID. Neither of my relatives have Household registration or TW ID. We all were born outside Taiwan.

Anyway, how can I apply for full residence. I read people can ask a friend to be added to his HHR.

Adding a friend to your household registration only tells the government that your friend is living with you. It has no effect on your friend’s citizenship status.

Besides, you can’t add foreigners or NWOHR passport holders to your household registration. They are not part of the system to begin with.

All NWOHR passport holders don’t have ID, so that’s redundant. But it’s important that you make it clear that you don’t have a TARC.

NWOHR passport holders without TARC are essentially tourists in the eyes of the Taiwanese government.

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It seems to me that you can’t apply for residence through your family. The only other option is to find a job in Taiwan and have your employer sponsor a TARC and work permit for you.

I thought that as well

How difficult is it to issue a TARC for a NWOHR (National without household registration)?

I doubt anyone here ever had to issue a TARC. So if you wonder about difficulties issuing a TARC, you might want to get in touch with the government body issuing it.

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I heard is pretty simple to get an ID as national no matter if you are a NWOHR. I don´t know if it´s true.

If I enroll in mandarin classes, can I apply through study?

Yes you can get a student “visa” I believe. I put “visa” in quotes because it’s not actually a visa. A visa is for foreigners. I don’t know what it’s called.

Enrolling in mandarin classes can secure my stay in TW, correct?

Yeah I believe so. Although I’m not sure if it needs to be from an accredited university. The foreign students on Forumosa might know.

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You need to call NIA (National Immigration Agency) and ask this exact question:

If a NWHOR (without a TARC) studies Mandarin at a Taiwan University for 1 year, will the Immigration Agency give that person a TARC?

If the answer is yes, then maybe all you need to do is get the TARC, and stay in Taiwan for a full year, then you can get your household registration and Taiwan ID card.

Something tells me that’s not how it works.

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