How to get rid of aunts in the house

Personally I find that hiding the remote clears them out right smart like


These days you’ve gotta hide their phone charger or they’ll never leave.


2 for 1 bog roll at Wellcome…can’t see them for smoke.


Is there a run on bog roll again? Best down Carrefour with three trolleys full.

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This looks promising.

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Hiding the remote is a good suggestion, for extra effectiveness I would turn the A/C off too.

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Disable the AC in the breaker box. Say it’s broken.


Change the door lock…

Only works if they haven’t arrived yet.

I see…
Tell her to help you clean up your flat.
Or invite lots of kids and asked your aunt to help you to babysit :grinning:

Tell her to clean up mine. I can make a bigger mess if needed. Will keep her occupied for days!

You mean nagging middle-age TW 剩女 or the annoying little critters always crawling into your 紅豆湯?

IMO the former is much more bothersome.

Wait, I just thought of something.
What if there were a thread about How to get rid of ants in the house, like the insects, right?

And then what if someone made another thread about How to get rid of aunts in the house, like aunties, only when you say them out loud…they sound the same!!!.
Wouldn’t that be hilarious???

Yeah, someone should do that…


At least with ants, you don’t have to put up with never-ending gossip and whining.

They don’t sound the same if you are from southern England.

This is true. Well spotted.

If you can understand ant, then its another story though.


Not the screeching sounds of a TW housewife complaining about her neighbors and relatives, and ungrateful husband.

Let’s go with ants.

Limited experience but never heard that from a TW housewife per se. Have heard it though, from the neighbors… - I swear - elsewhere, im telling ya man, its the ants! :whistle:

Most ABTs have moms like this.

Taiwanese mother-in-law horror stories are pretty darn true IMO.