How to get rid of old scooter

Hi everyone,

So my gf has this really old 50cc scooter that is a real hazard on the road. Everything is pretty much broken, brake lights/horn/blinkers etc… She can still ride it though by kick starting it every morning, and somehow its been puffing along for the past 3 years with no problems. We are both leaving and its time to get rid of it. Been to two scooter shops and both said they can fix it, but it wouldn’t really be worth it and we agree.

So here is my question. How do we get rid of this scooter before we leave? We can’t sell it/transfer it because it won’t pass inspection. Do we have to find a junkyard and take it there? Is there a gov’t program or something for recycling old scooters?

A mechanic will junk it for you. Or you could try to sell it to them for parts.

Easy. Take it to a bike shop and ask them to “baofei” it for you. You must take the papers with you. The government will even give you, like NT$400 for doing it. No papers? Even easier. Take the plates off and dump it someplace quiet.

Baofei. In some districts, the removal truck comes direct to your door and does all the paperwork on the spot, then gives you a chit that you take and get reimbursed for some sum of bucks. If it’s only $400 though, it might be simpler to ignore the chit and not even bother to cash it in, while simply resting secure in the knowledge that your bike has become some gubmint official’s responsibility (and may even by recycled if you’re lucky).

I got $1500 for an old 90cc in Taipei City.

Ring the 1999 line to find out how to do it in your area.

Be careful what you’re recommending, Sandman. I have a whole neighborhood full of those, and I’m sure you do, too. You’d think that between the people pushing carts around looking for recyclables and the guys stealing the sewer grates for scrap metal, there’d be something of value in those abandoned scoots, but some of them have been there for several years and are basically intact.

That is the worst piece of advice Sandman. I am pretty sure you get paid to be on this website, so show some respect!!!

Don’t just dump it! If you have papers for it then you can “bao fei” it. If you don’t have papers for it then there are people that will recycle it for you for free. I have a number, but I live in Taoyuan. If you live in Taoyuan IM me, if not ask around and you will eventually find someone that can take it off your hands for free.

A couple of years back, I gave a scooter I had with no plates that was all busted up to my local neighborhood recycle lady that wondered the streets on a daily basis. I am sure you know what I am talking about. Anyway, she was more than happy to take that old piece of shit scooter off my hands. I am sure she made a few $nt off it too. You can always try that.

Can I get paid to be on this site? :slight_smile:

I sincerely doubt he get’s paid to be on this website. It’s easy to ‘baofei’ so just call the city/county government or drop in to your local heishou mechanic.

Use it as YOUR ‘parking spot’ marker … government people will overtime put a sticker on it that it will be scrapped in a few weeks time … don’t pay attention to it … rip off the sticker and move the scooter 10 cm … this game will go on for several years until the scooter is just a rust mark on the street … for real :ohreally:

You would be surprised! If he doesn’t get paid for this site then he needs to get a life because he is all over this forum board at all times of the day. Not saying he isn’t amusing though, he can be pretty funny at times.

Baifei the little guy!!!

That is the worst piece of advice Sandman. I am pretty sure you get paid to be on this website, so show some respect!!!

Bollocks! I get less than NT$35,000 a month for posting here, so I don’t need to show no goddamn respect to NO-ONE.
And taking the plates off and dumping it is FINE, FINE advice. Because it works. The guy dint ax for no LEGAL options. Just options.

I knew you got paid though!!

Honestly I find most of your posts great, pretty funny. Hey, getting less than 35,000nt for posting on this website sounds like a great deal. Dumping a scooter on the side of the road is not good advice Sandman. Taiwan is already polluted enough, let’s not make it worse. If you got rid of all the dumped scooters, just think how many more scooter parking spaces would open up. :slight_smile:

Anyway, for the OP do what you want.

Unless its 35,000 less than 35,000.

If you are going to dump the scooter at least make it worth worthwhile. Tie your old fridge on it and dump both of them at the same time. :loco: (Think I have been here to long and saw tom much shit on the island.) Ha ha ha

PM me as I’ve been looking for an old scooter and if it costs less than $5000 to fix, I’ll prob fix it up and use it.

If you happen to be in or around Hsinchu or Jhubei, I’ll take it off your hands.

i got $1800 for a 50cc scooter that was pretty much similar shape as yours but did lost some muffler due to excessive rusting. Can ask scooter shops if they want to buy it.