How to get Taiwan Citizenship - Primer, FAQ, and Resources


I’m gonna be 32 in April


Curious which country you hail from, if you don’t mind publicly stating (or repeating if stated before somewhere).


Congratulations on getting your TARC!!..Besides the one major change in the naturalization rule, did you pretty much go through the same process as I did 3 years ago?


Maybe you won’t make the age cut? Maybe they will give you alternative service? Are you married? College educated? They accept volunteer stuff, like overseas missions.


If you want to not do the military there are weight limits, maybe you fall into the too heavy or too light category based from your height.


I know there are some regulations talking about 36 years old military exemption thing but i think i can’t wait any more. I took master degree here and have been working here for 6 year but i am planning to quit my job and do something myself, my wife she is holding Joining family arc(依親)now and my daughter is only 15 months, i think i could apply for volunteer stuff like you and my colleagues told me before


You are married and have a baby. Definetively a shoo in in my book.


One more question, can i apply for Taiwan passport now? I haven’t renounced my original nationality yet


Nowadays you renounce your original nationality after, not before (unless you are granted “super-foreigner” status).


If you have your TARC, you must. Hurry!!!


Oh, you have a TARC? Yeah, I think they give you a year to renounce. If it looks like it’s going to take longer than that, you can apply for an extension. (Bring documentation.)


Hi all,

just wondering if anyone has any additional information about the 5 year residence prerequisite “clock”, and in what circumstances it is reset.

Specifically, my ARC came about due to being the 負責人 of a foreign company’s Taiwan branch office and I’m wondering about changing to a Gold Card.

The “Purpose of Residence” on the current ARC says “應聘” followed by the company name. I believe from a visa perspective, it’s pretty much like any employee of a company. I notice that the Gold Cards have “特定專業人才” listed as “Purpose of Residence”.

My best guess is that if your “Purpose of Residence” changes, the residence clock resets? Any pointers to documentation or sharing of experience would be very welcome as I prepare to make some calls.


Has somebody high-up indicated that they will recommend you for the gold card?
I believe that as long as there aren’t any gaps in your residency, your residence clock does not reset. So if you stay in Taiwan and don’t have to leave and re-enter on a newly issued visa, your residence clock won’t be reset.


Thank you so much replying, ufff I’m relieved :slight_smile:


Congrats!!! And thank you so much replying :slight_smile:


Thanks for the reply - a comment in a hopeful direction!

It’s complicated, but let’s just say I’ve visited the Executive Yuan and met with the premier before. (I might jump in on the other thread to avoid putting too much Gold Card content in this Citizenship one.)

Hmm. Now I’m wondering whether a Gold Card would pre-qualify you for the ‘special’ way of getting citizenship that does not require renouncement of other nationalities. My guess is probably not, since the requirements for the Gold Card seem to be a lower bar to pass.


I’d think that it would be a step in the right direction but definitely not an automatic pre-qualification.


How could i get my taiwan citizenship through my mother’s taiwan id,my mom married a taiwanese and a legal national of taiwan already.,i am a filipina and my father was died already,but my mother married a taiwanese,what is the possibility that i could use my mom’s identity to get my taiwan citizenship,please help me what are the possible ways and the processing if ever


If your mother was not a Taiwanese at your birth time, you cannot get a taiwanese citizenship through your mother. You need to reside in taiwan on a proper ARC for 5 3 years to get a citizenship.

The details are different, but this thread might be some help.


As the daughter of a ROC national you only need to reside in Taiwan for 3 instead of 5 years. The legal basis is art. 4 sub-paragraph 4 of the ROC Nationality Act.

Please do note that according to art. 5 of the Enforcement Rules of the Nationality Act any time you spend in Taiwan as a foreign laborer or foreign student does not count towards the qualifying residence period of 3 years.

In case you are under the age of 20, you may apply for an ARC to join your mother in Taiwan under art. 23 sub-paragraph 2 of the Immigration Act. In any other scenario you need to find a different residence purpose, such as white-collar employment.