How to get your hometwon criminal history report - help!

I am having a bit of trouble here and hope a few of you can help me out.

I am trying to get my clean criminal history report from the US in my hands within 2 months. I have asked AIT, MOFA, BOCA, and the MOL for a fingerprint card. All have said they don’t have one. So I am going to drop my plan to get the FBI record and go for the local police record instead.

Problem is, where do I start? I am here and they are in the US. Has anyone had experience getting their criminal record from their hometown cops in the US – while you were still in Taiwan? If you are from Oregon or a west coast state, that would be even more of a help. Thanks!

Didn’t the MOFA originally tell you to go to your local Taiwan police precinct office?
They do the print cards all the time.
No foriegn agency is going to provide you with a card, why would you expect them to?
Anyway, I don’t see how the local vs. FBI check would be any different.

I got mine done without fingerprints, as BOCA told me it wasn’t necessary.