How to hack into my ADSL router/modem?

Ok, maybe no hacking required but I got a replacement ADSL modem/router that to my surprise has WLAN, which I would like to activate. The thing was left with my neighbour so I couldn’t ask the CHT engineer to set it up.

It’s an Alcatel T07AW from Chunghua Telecom. It has a console connector on the back but I don’t have a cable for that, so I wonder if there is a way to configure it via LAN.
If yes how would I do this, i.e. how to I find out the IP address, what software do I need (where to get), what’s the username/password etc.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Not possible … you need to pay for it … than you get another IP number or something and gateway address
I had the same idea and called Hinet … they basically can activate and de-activate it I believe remotely

Does it have a reset button ? Wouldn’t that reset everything to defaults ?

A quick google shows that its IP address is and the default username and password are “user” and “user”

EDIT: Or not, after BP’s post.

Ah, too bad you need to pay for it.

Thanks anyway. :slight_smile:

There was a ‘manual’ with my router and I tried to set-up and use the wireless mode, never got it to work, then I called Hinet and they told me that I was on a different gateway and IP as I had not wifi …

Yeah, The Hinet one belongs to Hinet, they don’t give them away you know, you should give it back. Buy your own, and you’ll get instructions with it. :grandpa:

You can’t … it’s the ADSL ‘modem’ including router and wifi … you can add a wifi router

I went to the CHT office to do this, they sent a guy round a couple of days later, who did something on my computer to set it up. You have to pay, but it’s only $20/month for the first year, and (I think) $89/month thereafter.

Its a modem, not a router. I have the login info, but honestly I do not recommend using it for wireless. Get a good wireless router, connect it to the modem and set up your own wireless network complete with all the security features such as limiting it to accepting connections only from your IP, WEP-WPA2, and MAC addess filtering. I am constantly amazed at how many yahoos have no clue and leave themselve wide open on wireless networks. It is still a war driving free for all out there. So many unsecured and clueless people, don’t be one of them.

Just get one of these … V&ROWNO=31

and plug it into your ADSL modem.

Or if you want 11n, get this one … 0V&ROWNO=3

The Chunghwa Telecom username and password to get into the T07AW is:

username: cht
password: chtcadsl

You’ll have to set your ip address manually on your network card then go to to get into it.

Go to this link to get into the wireless management part:

I recommend getting a Linksys Wireless Router though… I use the WRT54GL with custom firmware on it.

The password varies

chtcadsl (central Taiwan)
chtnadsl (northern Taiwan)
chtsadsl (southern Taiwan)

I’m trying to find a way to port forward (for bittorrent speeds), as my “listen port” is always blocked… Not sure what setting to change from the router menu though.

It seems when I set it to dial my connection from the computer, the port opens, but if I allow the router to login and use the internet direct, it’s always blocked… anyone got any ideas?

Hi, I have connected a netgear wireless router to my alcatel t07aw adsl modem.

I see my wireless connection but can’t actually use wireless.

I can connect using wired ethernet, but I’m not sure how to connect using wireless. When I log in with username and password, it seems to try to access the wayport pppoe.

please help, thanks

The Alcatel thing is somewhat configurable, but crap as a wireless router. To set it up with your new wireless router you’ll have to set it up in Bridging Mode, which I haven’t really got much of a clue how to do. My main problem with the router is that if you put a paper bag in front of the aerial the signal drops to nowt.

It appears that CHT log in via port 22 to the thing to reset it or otherwise fiddle with it. Port 22 comes up open on a Shields Up test even though I have deliberately blocked it on my LAN-side machine. Therefore the ADSL modem itself is advertising for connections on port 22, presumably from Big Brother, and funny enough it’s a secure Telnet port, just the sort of thing CHT would use to check out your router.

Not exactly very security conscious. The internet equivalent of riding your scooter at night with no lights on.

I haven’t found any way to stealth it. Firewall and port mapping settings aren’t going to help as the cads are logging into the router itself.