How to handle a Taiwanese boyfriend?

Are Taiwanese people really not that sweet and loving? And don’t care at all?


Taiwanese boyfriends can be super sweet and affectionate. Some people just “play it cool” for so long that they build walls and forget how to let people in.

Maybe your personalities just aren’t very compatible.

We actually jive on many things. I just can’t understand him sometimes. Too afraid to show emotion and affection. Always follow what he wants and never consider the relationship. Everything is always in favor of him. Always. Yes

Sometimes even when you get along with someone in a lot of ways, they still can’t provide you with something that you need. If you’ve clearly communicated what you want and he can’t or won’t give it to you, then unfortunately there’s not really a way forward.

Frankly, he sounds quite selfish. I wouldn’t blame you for not being able to tolerate it.

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If you find the balance of how you guys compromise is not acceptable to you, either voice it and see if he is willing to improve at least to something you find more acceptable, or move on.


I think most people are a bit skewed to thinking the other person always get their way and never reflect on their own behavior. So think may be something to consider.

Communication is a two way process. But he doesn’t like to talk. He always use excuses like “poor English” or “I’m too tired”. When problem arise he just don’t care at all specially if he’s action is the root cause of the problem. I always need to explain that there is something wrong… with him. I always accept and understand him… I dunno until when. I still have hopes that he change.

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It sounds like you put a lot of effort in for him but he doesn’t put in much effort at all for you.

Just remember that people don’t really change for others. They only change for themselves, if they change at all.

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Thanks Andrew and Hanna.

I’ll give you a scenario tomorrow to better understand my situation.

Need to sleep now. Have a good night!

Hmm…I really hate it when women do this with me. I’m a certain way, I can adapt a little. But I don’t like to talk much. I don’t feel comfortable with showing too much emotions, and I have some issues with intimacy. I don’t like to be touched sometimes and I feel deeply uncomfortable with it often. I can understand the other person find physical contact important and keep that in mind and try to do it more. But I’m never going to be touchy lovey and love to talk.

Dont get mad at him deep into a relation when you know he’s a certain way. You can talk about it, but have realistic expectations and understand change often takes a lot of effort and can happen slow.