How to interpret this phone call from a banker?

I did a routine wire into Taiwan (haven’t in a while) and my banker calls me, I say this is for so and so declaration reason, then she says “ 好久沒有聽到你的聲音了” (word for word), I laugh and say yeah (I’m awkward around her), and then say bye. Now that I think about it, maybe I should have asked her how she was lately and see if there was interest? Now I need to wire more into Taiwan and hope she handles the wire and not her coworker. Am I over thinking this or should I pursue? The way she phrased it seems a little flirty?


Man I’m excited to see a classic Jimbob post here again! Getting my popcorn out for the comment thread~


Definitely not flirting. Just being friendly.


Is it the same banker you posted about ages ago?

Maybe invite her to IKEA or for one dish at an expensive restaurant? Tell her to bring her family too (but only for the one dish).


Yeah I thought so at first too, but she mentions it’s been a while since hearing my voice, instead of it’s been a while since hearing from you. The way she said that makes me doubt things. It can be interpreted as flirty if an English speaking banker said that to me, but maybe it’s normal in mandarin.

Yes the same banker. I’ve been keeping things professional.


Wait. That was @jimbob132???

Ok, @jimbob132 you need to listen to me very carefully:


Get on Tinder instead. If you match with someone you’ll know their intentions for sure, and there’s no guessing.


In Chinese, there’s no easy way of saying “long time no hear from you”. They usually say “long time no hear your voice”. If she was being flirty, she would have said 聽到你的聲音我很開心 (I’m happy to hear your voice).


Ask her Line? It’s easier than asking somebody out. It is easy for her to reject it. But who knows, you might get to chat with her. Then tell her you like her. Does she want to go out for coffee?


This :point_up:
Ask for her LINE, as you think it is more convenient to ask her for help with bank details.
I have a few local stockbrokers connected to me via LINE that I ask for help when need be.

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Yes. @jimbob132 if you really want to pursue her, then this would be the way to do it. Just don’t automatically assume she’s into you just because she agrees to give it to you.

You could say 方便加 Line 嗎? which is sort of a gentle way of asking for it, akin to “You wouldn’t be opposed to giving me your Line, would you?” in English.

You don’t need to explain why. Just leave her guessing whether you want it for personal or professional reasons.

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Is this the bank teller !?

Oh, i see it is. Yeah, get the Line and go for it!

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Link to thread please! :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

@jimbob132 Careful, young lad! As the saying goes, don’t get involved with your banker or butler. Never ends well!


Scrap IKEA, a weekend hike will demonstrate your more attractive qualities.

I’d say it’s at least a little bit flirty. People at banks and the like are usually pretty business-like. I’d say there’s definitely room for follow-up.

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I think the IKEA part was suggested in jest.

Thank god, real leaders go hiking.


First there was Rhonda and Katut.

Now there’s @jimbob132 and the banker.

If she claims to be a soldier deployed overseas and need money to pay for leaves or to travel, it’s a scam.

I don’t understand. Is it a joke?