How to look after a coriander plant?

Been unsucessful with trying to keep corinder plants alive in my house. We have basil, that is doing fine, but I’ve managd to terminate two coriander plants in the last month. What am I doing wrong?

We live on the third floor, near the beach and keep the plant in the kitchen ( we are considerably warmer than the flats beneath us). The instructions are quite simple - “Water and keep in full sunlight” but the plants just don’t survive. I wonder if the kitchen is too hot for the plant, or am I watering it too much - (once a day until the water comes out into the saucer)? It is warm here - up to about 30 degrees in the daytime, and dry due to the drought.

I moved it out of direct sunlight because it started to wilt and go yellow - poor thing! My fiancee read that placing egg shell on the soil helps it to grow. Perhaps we are taking too much to use for cooking?

Advice please.


L. :hungry:

I often saw people in TW use egg shells in their plants. Try looking information on compost.

why keeping that … every day in every market, supermarket you can buy it fresh … just get done with it, eat it … :slight_smile:

BTW, is coriander a plant that keeps growing …

Too much water. Take a look at the roots. If they are rotting, then they are drowning. Maybe it needs a little fertilizer. Find something organic because you will be eating it.

Store bought plants don’t usually have very good soil. consider repotting with some nice composted soil.

cilantro/corriander usually does well with lots of sun. but they can get too much. i always kill plants. i have a poison thumb it seems.

Keep it away from Mexicans and it will be much healthier.

We live on the third floor, near the beach …[/quote]

Let me come over and stay for a while and I’ll see if I can get it working.

It’s a sorry looking thing, but I noticed my neighbour’s plant in a similar state - must just be the locale and time of year.

SAF you’re welcome to stay if you can put up with the noise from the newly-wed bedroom :howyoudoin:


coriander is hard to get just right, and it’s very finicky about just the right amount of water supply… likes a well drained soil supposedly.