How to make bubbles for bubble tea

Bubble milk tea is trend now…Mostly youngster like to drink it… But its costly… Not hard to make it but it really took time. Here is the method how to make bubble milk tea…

Jesus, I didn’t know that home-making it would take so long.

What type of flour is that? What is the black gunk they sit in at the end?

You need to boil the ‘bubbles’ and that takes a long time, keep them like 4 hours and than throw them out and make a new batch. Or you can buy them boiled and frozen in high enough quantity, like convenience stores do.

Milk is not cheap, tea is (the tea they use). But who needs 750cc or 1000cc bubble tea as a drink.

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I’m really appreciating your insightful posts. Kudos!


Is this a joke? 50 ntd is too expensive? You prefer 5 USD Starbucks piss?

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it tapioca starch powder…that is black sugar

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Don’t be rude. The “flour” is tapioca and the “gunk” is brown sugar.

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Don’t think it’s expensive to be honest.

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when people call it BOBA(in the west) it triggers me.