How to Place an AD in Taiwanted?

is there any one can tell me how to place an AD in taiwanted.
is it need a new username and password or just the same of forumosa?

Well, I’m pleased to say that after two weeks of soft launch, the bugs are out! You can log in with your integrated account or with a separate login if you prefer to keep accounts separate. Over the next couple of weeks we’ll be making sure that the site’s Chinese interface is completely bilingual, and after that we’ll be promoting it heavily and island wide.

I know that the foreign community across Taiwan has been waiting for a dedicated classifieds site in Taiwan that is better than ~shudder~ Tealit. Our software is unquestionably better. What we need your help with now is populating it. Whether it’s jobs wanted, jobs available, things to buy and sell, it’s all good.
Just click on the image and you’re ready to go. :thumbsup: