How to practice for the scooter test

How can I practice driving a scooter before taking the test?

The center that holds the scooter driving test usually opens up the short coarse for like 30 minutes (maybe 1 hour) before it starts admitting test-takers.
That’s what happens at the scooter test coarse up west of Shihlin District on the main road to Tamsui (across the road from Shihlin High School of Commerce). If your center is located elsewhere, it should have the same thing, just ask.

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Do they let you use their bikes for that?
I’ve ridden a scooter once like 4 years ago

Uhh. Don’t know.
You do not yet own a scooter?
All the others (Taiwanese) with me that day had their own scooter.
Can you borrow your gf’s or co-workers?

No I don’t. Thing is I’m not sure how long I will stay so i’m not sure if it’s worth going through the effort of buying one

I’m not really close with any of them



the Chinese test looks difficult :thinking:

You need to bring your own but like khh said they open it for practice runs. If you are doing it at a university, countryside or such place that diesnt have a course setup other than painted lines you can practice anytime. But you want have the electeonic elements like timers, red lights, crossing etc.

Actually there is no practice needed other than the slow straight line. Everything else is just common sense. The straght line you could literally make a 10 meter or so line with grass or debris from the sife of the road and practice going as slow as possible without crossing those 2 lines.

I assume up north the gov practices diligence. But most everywhere else its less so. I webt a couple times. First time i drove my own scooter in. Waited in line. My tire blew out on that straight line so forget it. Got my mechanic fri3nd to come replace tire. And i drove away solo. They didnt even think twice about it…so you should be ok. Park away from the inspector if you are worried.

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Sounds pretty easy. Maybe I’ll just book a test this week and see how it goes

OP does bring up an obvious question.

How can you bring your own scooter to the licencing center to practice or take the test if you don’t have a license? You can’t legally drive on the road.

Car and heavy motorcycle schools solve by supplying you with one of their vehicles. But for scooters, what is a person who wants to abide by the law meant to do? What does the government recommend?

They’d probably tell you to have a friend drive you there … wink wink nobody does that

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When he said “use common sense”, he probably meant don’t drive like a Taiwanese.

They do have scooters there for you to use, it’s not a requirement to bring your one.

In my experience the very don’t.

I tried to take the road test on a 50cc scooter (which I was legally allowed to ride as I’d already passed the written test) and was told I had to take the test on a 51-125cc scooter.

They didn’t have any there, luckily a friendly Taiwanese who was also taking the test that day offered me his.

Although this is not to be taken as advice, what I noticed is that some people drive to the test center on their scooter, take the test on said scooter, fail the test then drive home again on their scooter. From that I assume people might actually practice on their own scooters, too.

That was around five years ago though, and I think the cops have cracked down on anyone driving a scooter without the proper license. Not worth the trouble.

With regards to the test in general, the hardest part is driving slowly between the lines. Assuming you have a scooter, if you can find a quiet area and just practice riding straight using a little of the back brake for slow control (it’s like clutch control for a manual bike/car) it shouldn’t be too much trouble. When I took my test, I saw several people fail because they only applied the gas while trying to go slow to maintain balance. A little back brake pressure really helps stability.

Where I live in Sanchong, there’s an area by the river that people use for scooter practice, but it’s not a test center - just in amongst the green spaces by the river. I’m not sure if such a thing exists elsewhere.

I wouldn’t worry about it. If you can balance on a bicycle riding very slowly and follow a road line with your tires, the test will be really easy for you.

Seems it depends on the test exam place, then.
I took my license without having a scooter and the testing location had several scooters i could choose…

There are many new Scooter rider course ( 機車練習場) , you can find the list for Taipei , in the below links (Chinese only)

Also you can search on google maps 機車路考練習場

Reference links :


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The DMV in Taoyuan–which is called the Hsinchu Motor Vehicles Office for some reason–has a practice area for the straight part of the scooter test right next to the testing area.

Thank you @KHHville
By the way , during lunchtime (12-1pm) you can also practice at the same location that you will have the driving test .
I went to DMV in Banciao and I saw some people practice at the testing area