How to produce the chinese character for Taigi ê?

It’s fairly easy to install fonts. The font files themselves can be copied directly to the C:\WINDOWS\Fonts directory.

What about 丣戼𠱯𠯃𠙼?

Yeah, I don’t doubt it. I just don’t have any reason to, and haven’t in at least a couple of decades (despite working with text all day). If I can’t view certain non-English characters, at this point I’m unlikely to need 'em.

I just wanted to tell @hansioux that the character wasn’t showing up for everyone.

Yeah, that looks fine to me also, assuming it should look like this:


Yeah I get it. If you do want to, it’s easy enough and not particularly involved.

Your font seems to only be missing CJK Ext F characters then.


I don’t know what CJK Ext F characters are, but are you suggesting I shouldn’t be able to see those ones? I do at least see something (not just empty squares):


Interestingly though, those characters you mentioned don’t show up on the Wikipedia article:

They are adding new characters to the Unicode’s CJK sections once in a while, and those come in the form of extensions. So far we have extensions A to F.

empty squares as requested

U+53E3 U+25A1 U+56D7

On Windows I downloaded Hazano ttf files. Rightclick → install. Everything shows up.
Release hanazono-font 2017年09月04日版 (2017-09-04) - Hanazono fonts - OSDN

Now @hansioux, which font does it for CJK Unified Ideographs Extension G - Wikipedia :grin:

darn, you got me… can’t see any of those.

One of those Ext G character is this


I’m not sure if I want that glyph in my puter

I used that:

Works for Extension G

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Hey, it works!

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Hello friends of Unicode Extensions

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Most of them look like Chu nom or khitan scripts…

If Trypophobia was a character.

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Hey, there it is, the answer to my original question: 3139C


Unfortunately, I can’t see it. From looking at an image file above, is this the trypophobia character?

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yup, that’s the one.