How to Renounce NWOHR Nationality?

I need to renounce my ROC Nationality.
My parents applied for a NWOHR passport for me when I was very young. However, they never registered me through the Household Registration system and I have no Taiwanese National ID Number. With that said, how should I renounce my NWOHR Nationality? Is it the same renunciation process for NWHR? If anyone has a similar experience in renouncing their NWOHR nationality, please give me any advice! Thank you.

BTW, for more context. I live in the US, I am a US Citizen.

Should be, if not a similar process. Renunciations may be done through the Ministry of Interior. You should contact them for details.

You may also contact your local TECO in the US.

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I am not going to ask what the need is. However, I want to point out a few things.

  1. You don’t have to do military service unless you have HHR

  2. You will still not be eligible for foreign student university scholarships in Taiwan or an APRC (as you previously had Taiwan nationality) -Exception to those who got it revoked due to not applying for a loss of previous citizenship.

  3. You can resume your Taiwan nationality in certain circumstances. (


unless really necessary, I wouldn’t renounce though. It is easier for you to resume if needed, but I wouldn’t still.

Since I don’t know your predicament, I just give a word of caution: think about it, then if absolutely necessary, contact your TECO of reference and ask about which forms to fill in, they will send to the MOI who handles all nationality procedures.


Thank you for your response! BTW, may I ask what you mean by “It is easier for you to resume if needed”, I thought the NWOHR nationality is still active since the approval of my NWOHR passport application

I think he meant compared to someone with an ID who wishes to resume again after renouncing.

If you have no intention of resuming your Taiwanese nationality, then his statement is irrelevant.


Oh Gotcha! That makes sense. Thank you so much!

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Thank you so much for the great pointers!

Thank you! I am still processing the decision, I just emailed TECO just now to ask about the process for this and what the implications of renunciation will be. Hoping to hear more back from them! Thanks again for your advice!

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Personally I wouldn’t unless absolutely necessary. Also one more point! Your kids are eligible for ROC nationality too and maybe someday in the future they may want it.


I know this may be personal, but could I ask: what potential circumstances would lead someone to wish to renounce NWOHR? Are there tax or other implications?

If you don’t want to answer, not a problem! This is your business. But it did raise my curiosity as to why someone would want to do this.