How to replace damaged US passport?

So, like an idiot I washed my passport in the laundry when I returned from the US recently. I blame the jet lag. The photo/info page looks fine and the other pages are warped but intact. However, the front and back covers are peeling, and I worry that the chip may not function. I assume I should replace it, but I can’t find specific information how to do that in Taiwan. When I renewed it a couple of years ago I could do it by mail.

I did do a search here but nothing specific or current came up (to be honest, the search function here has never been that useful to me). I also Googled, which told me that if I lost my passport or it was stolen I need to appear in person, I’m assuming at AIT? But I couldn’t find what to do simply for a damaged passport.

It seems (to me) that I should be able to do this by mail since I haven’t lost the passport, but who knows. Anyway, if anyone has any experience or can point me in the right direction I’d appreciate it.

Sounds like it’s a passport renewal, which AIT can handle.

I would give them a call first to double check whether you need to be there in person or you can do it by mail.

Taipei Main Office Phone: +886 2 2162-2000


Few years old but maybe some useful reference.

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Happens to the best of us!

As suggested by @ranlee go to AIT and they’ll hook you up.

I renewed mine a couple of years ago, all by mail.
Checking their website, it says that it needs to be undamaged to do it by mail. Otherwise, a pre-scheduled appointment is required.

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At least I did it after my trip :relieved:


the money message there in those instructions is
" Your most recent 10-year U.S. passport: Is undamaged and can be…"

you probably need to check with them as to their definition of “undamaged”.

I did the same to my passport a few years ago, not a US one though. But they needed me to front up and explain. and they were most concerned that it was the original one in the original covers, and that it was still legible so they can verify its you.

i had to fly to another state to get that done. If you’re in Taipei you’re lucky.

Under State Dept FAQ

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