How to: Return part of an order at

I ordered a gift for the wife on, however the item is not as I imagined it. Normally my better half handles this kind of stuff but it being a suprise I’m on my own. My Chinese isn’t good enough to confidently fill out the form and return it. Can anyone help me with that?

Edit: thanks for the replies! You helped me a lot.
Here’s the comprehensive guide on how to return something, using the App:

Open the App and go into your user-menu (1.)
Select “View Orders” (2.), then tap on the
Order you want to return something of (3.). Next, tap on “Apply” (4.) Choice how much (5.). Then select a reason (5.1.) and tap on one in the pop-up (6.) and then “next page” on the bottom left. The next page shows you a brief summary and the conditions to return items. If you received a gift with your order, you HAVE to return it too!. Clich on the button in the bottom left to finalize your return application (7.) In your order overview (3.) You should now see that the “apply” text has changed (8.) You need to go to a 7-11 of your choice and use the I-Bon machine to return it. Follow the steps on the I-Bon or ask the staff for help. Use the Return ID from your app (9.). A how-to (10.) can be accessed there too. I hope that helps.

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Sure, but how?

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I.e. you have go to “X” on the website click on “Y” fill out “Z”
I know it’s very vague, I thought maybe someone went through this process and has experience with this

If it’s not going to take an hour :slight_smile:

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I made my way up to here:

Am I correct that the next step is clicking “apply” under the item?

I would say so

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If you want to return the item ,then you need to look for 退貨

the instructions are in the following link

Also you can send a letter to customer service


I’d suggest doing this on a computer and utilizing Google translate or similar, far easier than on the phone.


I made a how-to for anyone in need. Feel free to add or update :slight_smile: