How to send a LINE video longer than 5 minutes

I made a 15 minute video but when I sent it on the LINE APP it only sent the first 5 minutes.

Anyone know why and how I can send the entire 15 minute video?


Upload it to Google Drive and send a shared link.

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Or upload it to YouTube and send the shared link

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or upload it to Dropbox and send the shared link

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Going by the above, does that mean on Line you cant?

Thanks for all the tips!

I would like to post the video here to get some opinions of how bad the noise is BUT I do not want people to know my name (associated with my YouTube account).

Is there a way to post the YouTube video here without my name showing (on the YouTube video)?

Also, if the landlord does not do anything about it then who can I go to in order to deal with this?

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There’s not exactly a limitation on creating another Google / youtube account.


You can create an additional channel in your YouTube account that is different from – but is a party of – your regular account that has your name on it. This will allow you to manage the channel from your regular YouTube account, without your original account name explicitly associated with it.

In this video, note how you end up creating 2 things related to your YouTube account:

  1. A New Channel
  2. A Brand Account associated with the New Channel