How to send in a ballot abroad as US citizens

Not really sure where to put this. Feel free to put this in another place if it’s better.

Anyone know how to register and vote abroad? I understand I will vote using my last US address.

Start here, and I’d register this January so that you can vote in primaries as well.

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if your home state mails the ballot out for mail-in voting, then have someone at your address mail you the ballot.
If not, should be able to register overseas at US embassy, like can do at AIT. someone else may confirm or add more color.

never mind Bojack be quick like jumping over candlestick

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It seems I will have to vote in Florida since it’s the last place of residence. I guess Texas is going Republican no matter what and Florida is a swing state.


It’s easy. Use the link above. After you register you’ll receive emails from your “local” elections commission. You fill out the ballot online, print it out, sign it, take a picture, and then email them the photo.