How to ship bike from Kaoshiung to Hualien?

I live in Hualien and have been biking every weekend on the east cost. I have reached Taitung. Usually, I go to the baggage room and ask them to ship my bike back to Hualien for pick up the next day. Since this service is only available between Taitung and Hualien, I was wondering if anyone knows any other methods for affordable bike delivery from Kaohsiung. I plan to bike there on weekend from Kenting.

I had a bike shipped from kh to tpe on a scooter courier truck i picked up the bike at my nearest scooter repair shop…a local shipped it for me so i dont know where to turn to get started sorry but its a way to move a bike…

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I am not aware of the Hualien and Taidong service, which is pretty cool.

However, to my knowledge, if you want to travel with the bike, train is probably the least hassle.

If you want to send it and pick it up the next day you might need to box it up and have a local courier take care of it.

I second @Rzarobbie.
If you cannot send the bike by train, go to the nearest Yamaha or SYM scooter store and ask if they provide the service. Most of them do, and even have a booklet for each city of where you can send it to, depending if you are shipping home or onward to another city.

Ditto to the above 2 options.

If its not easy for you, courriers like Kerry can do it for you. Next day to your location. But probably quite expenaive. We pay about 1500nt per 100kg of boxes via kerry. Very rough estimate.

Also a bike bag can be used to take a bus with a bike… but you need to lug around the bag…
some bus lines bike fare is 1/2 a adult some are the same. But when i see the luggage area of a bus they are almost always empty(tw peeps use backpacks)
So hook bikers up , free carry !!! Come on man