How to shop on US websites from Taiwan

Is there any parcel forwarding company to TW?
Here trying to buy something from Columbia com (US) . Since they don’t offer international shipping. I am looking for something like but some local small companies.

Yes i can simply shop here in TW but since they dont usually big sales. Why not shop from US lol.

A lot of US stores ship to TW. REI, if outdoors stuff is what you’re looking for, has free shipping internationally on orders over US$150, for example. They do slap you with VAT on arrival though. Might be having a Labor Day sale right now though.


Yeah I know many stores actually do ship to TW. Somehow Columbia don’t offer international shipping at all.
VAT is only 5%, right? If then it’s worth to purchase it on US sites and ship here.

Yeah exactly this week all stores having a Labor Day sale.

After my intense googling I finally find some local forwarding company. It seems they offer all kinds of logistic services.
Link here:

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I am looking for something like this, too. I am a long-time Shipito customer, but I still cringe at the price of shipping, even after consolidating items together, and it takes quite a few steps to do things. I don’t mean to say that Shipito is overpricing - they probably are not - but their volume discounts (the purpose for consolidation of shipments) still feels too pricey for me, maybe because it is.

I am looking for something like ShippingCart, which quite easily allows me to ship to the Philippines or Malaysia. I have asked them if they ever have plans to ship to Taiwan, but that isn’t their focus. My friend there actually said that setting up destinations is much easier than setting up warehousing – but he could not comment on any timeline. ShippingCart is owned or controlled by LBC, a major logistics company of the Philippines, and LBC does have longtime offices in Taipei near St Christopher’s Church.

I’ve used for many years. If your goal is to get things you cannot get otherwise then it works well. if the goal is to save money you will not be happy. I use it mostly for business items. Do note that the shippers will know you are using a forwarding company. In almost all cases it doesn’t matter but for example McMaster Carr will not sell to you. Also if you don’t have a US credit card that you can use the same address for billing there will be many issues with payments.

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I tried a few forwarding companies in last 12 months and so far the best in terms of ease and efficiency was BuyAndShip.

You can shop Amazon US, Walmart and local small shops that don’t ship overseas. They even have a dedicated mobile app with great UX making the entire experience seamless.

how was the importing adventure? Import taxes, stuff getting held up at customs, etc.?