How to study to be an EMT in Taipei

Hi everyone,

I am interested in getting certified as an EMT but am struggling to find useful information. So far I have found that there are 3 levels and the classes are located at a fire department. However, I cannot find information on if a non-firefighter can enroll in these classes or how to enroll in general. If anyone has any information in regards to this I would appreciate the help. Thank you very much.

elligibility to take classes for the first level is to be graduated from a junior high school. Non-firefighter can take the classes. Courses are held at hospitals, sports center, etc., in addition to fire department.

You will find several announcements for the EMT courses with information how to sign-up, if you do google search with key words of 初級救護技術員 教育訓練 報名簡章.

If you don’t understand Chinese, I think it will be better to contact to Taiwan EMT Association and ask them whether there is a course oriented in English.


Taiwan EMT Association

EMT-1 初級救護技術員教育訓練



Thank you very much, do you know anything about where to take Wilderness
First Responder courses?

You will find the info here.

Taiwan Wilderness Medical Association

They will have a course on Dec 9 and 10.

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