How to sync palm/outlook

How do I synchronize my palm desktop/handheld and ms outlook (xp, if that matters)?

I want to be able to use my ms outlook adress book, calendar, to do list, and then hotsync with my palm. Is that possible?


I’ve used it now for a while. A bit confusing at first, but you’ll learn to live with it. It will do all of what you ask.

Thanks Jeremy. Another question, please: I’ve got Palm desktop already on my new laptop, and I’m just trying to hotsync from the handheld to the laptop instead of importing anything. But I get a message about ‘dectecting new hardware’ and it’s now asking me for a CD. Do I need to dig up a disk from somewhere now, or can I get around this somehow?

Thx again!

This I don’t know. I’m not sure what ‘hardware’ Windows is detecting, nor am I sure where in the process this message is poping up. I assume you are using one of the COM ports for your cradle … or does yours plug into USB?

In general, Chapura software will configure the Palm desktop software to re-route the data you want to go to Outlook (i.e. contacts, mail, notes, tasks). Chapura will also let you configure each hot sync to either let the PC rewrite handheld data or the handheld rewire the PC data. In your case you want to make SURE that you choose the next sync to wipe Outlook with what you have on your handheld.

So, still not sure what you need specifically. Let me know if there are any more details.

I had some problems hotsyncing initally with my XP machine.

It worked at first, but after installing more software it all went pear-shaped. The solution was to reinstall the Palm desktop software - something had screwed up one of the drivers I guess.

I can’t remember whether I downloaded Desktop from the Palm website at some point, but I have a feeling I did. Either it was the download that screwed it all up, and the CD fixed it, or something on the CD screwed it up and downloading the latest version was the charm. Or I never got around to downloading anything and I just re-installed from disc.

Whatever, I’m sure that reinstalling solved it, and it didn’t interfere with my data.