How to undo a bookmark?

A minor annoyance but sometimes I accidentally bookmark a post but I can’t undo it.

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Huh. I don’t think I’d noticed we could bookmark things, but apparently I’ve got a dozen of them.

On a desktop computer using Safari: click on your avatar in the upper right corner. Four little icons appear: click the one that looks like a bookmark. There’s a small down arrow at the bottom. Click on that. That takes me to a new window with all of the bookmarks. On the right side there’s the “…” icon; delete is one of the options in there.


Ok. I see that option.

Weird that it doesn’t just let me unclick on the tab of the post.

I bookmarked your post to test it. On iPhone:

  1. click the bookmark icon
  2. tap the gear icon
  3. choose an option from automatically delete

I hope this works, otherwise I may be stuck with this bookmark :laughing:

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These are the only options it gives me.

yup that’s it.

I replied to the bookmarked post to remove the bookmark.