How to Use the Web to Transform the World (New eBook)

[The Websters’ Dictionary: How to Use the Web to Transform the World, by Ralph Benko]

There’s the full title. I thought I’d share this with the Forumosa crowd. It’s a free eBook under the creative commons license. It’s filled with awesome information for using the web to make stuff happen in the “real world.” [Download it here]

Here’s one endorsement people should recognize:

I was lucky enough to read an advanced copy a couple weeks ago. I downloaded the new 1.0 version yesterday and highly enjoyed it.

From the Creative Commons Blog (but I’m pointing you to Lessig’s blog as it has more action):

[quote]The Websters’ Dictionary: How to Use the Web to Transform the World is a newly released book on “how to create communities of thousands […] and channel their energy to effect political, social and cultural transformation.” Written by tech-advocate and political theorist Ralph Benko, The Websters’ Dictionary aims to educate on the web’s potential to motivate groups and enact change on broader issues, all while keeping in mind the complexities inherent in organizing movements online.

While the book is aimed at those with mid-level web experience, The Websters’ Dictionary has salient points that should resonate across technical prowess and familiarity. The Websters’ Dictionary is available for free PDF download - after taking the “Websters’ Oath” - and is being released under a [url=]CC BY-NC license[/url], meaning that it can be reused in any number of ways, as long as future works credit Ralph Benko and are noncommercial in intent. Hardcover and paperbacks versions of the book should be available in October.[/quote]

I know some of you will enjoy this one.