How to write Hakka and other Chinese Languages

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If you know how hakka is written, you can buy the Mac Iver Hakka Dictionary as spoken in Guangdong province available at Cave bookstore.

Writing Hakka and Hokkien (S. Min) is easy to day, provided that you are familiar with the standardized romanization. You can download IME for windows and for Mac. I know a young American student here in Shida who does nothing but developing IME for Mac. I’ve seen his Peh-Oe-Ji IME for Mac. I liket it.

For Windows, you can download HOTSYS and HAKSYS, they are not perfect, but you might want to do a search on google, and see what you can learn from this two IME. If you go to Dylan Sung (google this) page, he also have a Hakka IME free for download, I guess it’s developed by Dr. Lau or something from Hongkong.

I’m not familiar with Cantonese IME, but I guess most honkies use Changjie.