How was your ride today?

That’s the way you see it only because you haven’t reached Buddhist enlightenment yet.

While there’s no landscaping reward at the end. Bad weather (not awful, dangerous weather, just not good) has its advantages. Datun is very exposed to sun and it can be very hot on a sunny day. Then there’s the traffic. With good weather there can be lots of hikers and cyclists going up and down, potentially dangerous sometimes.

Yesterday I had the road almost for myself only, being able to choose my lanes and pace freely. I find a wet road more predictable than a family+dog or a cyclist climbing on their limit.


Ha… I used to say the same about roads and motorcycling. Fellow riders would stay at home because of the rain and I objected that rain would give you free, almost empty roads.

My heart says otherwise. I like flat, straight, unpopulated roads and paths, of which there are many near me. Hills are a fair jaunt before I am within riding distance.

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Yeah, that’s why I pushed myself to go up last week: not hot yet, and one of those days with enough cloudiness to dim the sun a bit, not enough to threaten rain. I’ll be mildly surprised if I climb up there again before fall.

I definitely wondered how foolish I was being on the climb, swinging way over to the “wrong” lane to make climbing easier, especially at turns. I don’t do that if I see many (or perhaps even any) other cyclists. Of course I keep a very close eye on anything that may be coming down the hill at me.


Man o man last time I did this ride to Sausalito I was 20 years younger

Being away from the saddle until very recently had taken its toll

I had to get off the bike and walk many inclines but so did my friend joe

Who did better than me and is 8 years older but he’s in better shape

Didn’t have to dismount 20 years ago both to and from Sausalito

Went down to 41st and went down to the park then past the buffalos to 36th and then over to el Camino del mare past sea cliff and baker beach a really nice stretch with awesome views over to GG bridge then over the bridge itself down to Sausalito
About 11 miles
About 800 feet elevation gain
BPM 110 to 198 average 145
At about 4.6 mph

Took the ferry back to embarcadero
Make sure to get a clipper card and pay 7.50 instead of 14 dollars each way

Watch the schedule only bout five runs each direction a day

Bikes welcome

Was planning to take MUnI light rail to Judah and sunset Blvd but found out only folding mikes allowed in light rail but luckily could take BART which we took to balboa park and the it’s 4 miles home from there

Was a. Blast

Lots of people. Rent bikes in fisherman’s wharf and the ride across the bridge and take the ferry back

A very scenic ride indeed

On the bridge

Ferry past Alcatraz

Show at Yoshis


Worth it.

Said no one. :laughing:


Summer has come, as George Martin will never say because he’ll never finish those darn books.

Gorgeous skies today, very low pollution count, lovely views, but it’s hot. 7:30am was probably too late to set out for a four-hour ride; 10:30am was definitely too late for me to start the 北7 climb. I needed to get off the bike twice and walk, despite probably being in better shape than a few months ago, when I didn’t need a break. I don’t think that’s happened since the first couple of times I climbed that road a few years ago.

And highs today of “just” 33 (feels like 37, says my phone); there’s at least five or six more degrees of heat to come.

Plenty of packs of cyclists. They passed me. At first I thought “No, I can keep up!”, then thought, “Eh, screw that, I’ve already done lots of climbing and I’m also a couple decades older.”

But wow the colors are lovely at this time of year.


Wow! Stunning clarity, with the typhoon lurking in the neighbourhood—impressive!



My GPS topped at 42ºC on Friday, around 12:20h. Not meteorologic temperature because it was under the sun and over tarmac, but it wasn’t nice anyway. Average temperature for the ride was 31ºC, there were moments when it was almost nice thanks to the developing clouds.

I’m not looking forward to the next 3-4 months.


Ouch! I finished teaching at 2pm on Friday, and often I head out for a ride after class. In the air-conditioned classroom, I kept looking out the window and thinking the weather looked promising. Then I stepped outside. Nope.

I don’t think I’ll be starting anymore afternoon rides for the next few months, unless it’s a lazy one along the riverside to head somewhere for dinner. The food available at Dadaocheng isn’t anything to write home about, but I do enjoy sitting there for a sunset dinner.

It’s that time of year when I’ll be trying to go to sleep at 9pm, in order to wake up at 5am, and my wife will once again make jokes about how I’m getting old. (She’s not wrong!)


Yeah, wouldn’t it be something if everybody started out life at 90 years old and you are bored, you don’t have any friends and family and then as the years go on you get younger and younger and then you meet friends and then you meet your family and then you meet your mom and your dad and then you become younger and younger till suddenly you’re a baby And then you disappear back into your mothers womb wouldnt that be something?

Yeah many people can only ride an e bike because can’t hack a real bike anymore

I probably should get one too so I can do the longer rides

My Apple Watch says my rides my bpm goes from 110 to 200 and near 200 is dangerous for me
I don’t know how long I’m at 200 as I am just trying to keep rates lower

To a certain extent riding is good for people with heart conditions or just older or older and with heart issues. but spending much time near 200 bpm can’t be good for us guys older than 50

I feel a little uncomfortable after a ride so I probably need to pedal back

I have an erratic heart rate so I probably am a candidate for an e-bike

Waiting for prices to soften and still get a good bike

There are bad quality ones out there for 500 bucks but they apparently fall apart

The trek e bike version of my trek is about 2000 dollars even at my bro’s special price

Whereas my non E was 650 all in , lists at 900 plus tax

I can use the E on longer rides and the non E for short lazy ones

The 2k is hard to stomach though

Also I might not want to ride the non E anymore after riding the E and then I have to go three times further to get the same exercise

But it should keep my rate down

I’d like to keep rates to 100 to 150 average 125 that will be good

Currently averaging 135 to 145 but the worry is highs of up to 200

What are you guys rates at ?

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You did say it was 20 years ago. Unfortunately, San Fran is a dump now…

Do you currently live here ?

I still live part time there, now between San Fran and Taipei. You? San Fran used to be very nice.

I lived in SF from end 99 to 2001 and moved back mid 22

Lived in east bay in the interim

I’m in sunset so I don’t see all the increase in grime and I don’t go downtown much but driving through downtown at night on my way home sometimes there is a big homeless population around civic center and that whole area

I would not go to that area even in the daytime

BART seems to have an increase in homeless people riding the cars and generally more strange characters

I hear downtown is more grimey and union square is worse off

But I guess if you stay or hang out in the nice areas there is not a lot that’s worse than 20 years ago