How was your ride today?

There can be dogs, if there’s a big rain its likely to be washed out in places… though they’ve been slowly making improvements. But the south side of the climb is a lot more interesting and maybe a little easier.

You really feel like you’ve stepped into another world going round the long way. If you are feeling really adventurous, keep going straight instead of turning right up the climb. It eventually dead ends, but there’s some weirdness back there.

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About 10+ years ago, I used to do the Maokong (tea) ride a lot from the back entrance along the riverside path. One time I took a right turn (instead of following the road down-left and a bit north into NCCU campus) and found myself in the granny gear of my mountain bike. Never been on such a steep slope before or since, I think. Just vertical it felt.
Came out on top and went down and found myself on the Ping-Xi road. Took a left turn and then headed back to Taipei through Shenkeng (stinky tofu town).
Didn’t have Strava back then.

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I think you mean this route:

A month or so ago, a friend and I "cycled"up it, actually cycled about 20m then had to get off and walk which was also really hard - not sure the photo really does it justice. It’s not long, just really steep and the road surface is kind of industrial/concrete. On a positive note, the ride down the other side is super nice, winding country rode, with few sharp turns. As a bonus at the bottom there is a cycling shop that has a coffee shop


That one is not fun to come down in the wet either…

You mean here?

What kind of weirdness are we talking about? Like Blair Witch Project weirdness?

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This sounds very much like this…

Also known as, the Maokong Monster. I highly advise never to attempt road going up or down if it has rained within 2 days. I advised a fellow cyclist to not do it. He did not take my advice and took a spill and…rolled.

Yup, keep going past that…hard to explain but yeah a bit. I note there’s a bus stop, maybe its not as weird as I think…though I think that’s weird in and of itself :man_shrugging: