How was your ride today?

Unfortunately it tends to be SOP here. Thinking of themselves; not trained to think of others. (The latter really does take training.)


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I don’t even think they’re legally allowed to park them in a building but I keep it to myself :confused:

At the top of balaka when you go into the car park there is a path to the left and one to the right. Which one takes you up to the top of datun?

The road to the left: it currently has a big gate across it, with no cars or motorcycles allowed. You can take the bike around it. (I’m not sure if the path to the right even allows bicycles. I’ve never gone on it - it’s certainly often got lots of pedestrians.)

You’ll know. It goes up. A lot. And then it goes up some more.

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Maybe they are thinking of him - seen TDF cyclists on the telly, thought 'god those guys need to work on their arms, I’ll be kind and force that cyclist to lift his noble steed over my noble steed for extra workout"

Maybe? No?

I like your sense of optimism and your vivid imagination. :slightly_smiling_face:


If I still had my mountain bike, I’d take the path to the right. It won’t go up to Datun, but it’ll be fun :wink:

25km regular route done both on Saturday and Sunday, felt fine after both days, the two days of summer have struck the UK so making the most of it. A whopping 28 degrees. Extreme, i know :full_moon_with_face:

Today feel awful, fairly tired and uncomfortable. Unsure if this is due to lack of fitness or just the general malaise of being back at work.


Funny, I’ve never seen anyone try that. There’s even gravel track as an alternative most of the way in to Erziping and then more further on towards Xiangtianchi. Defintely against some rule or other…

Never tried it myself, but every time I hike on that path, the dirt road just beckons me. It’s nothing technical, but it would be a joy to ride even a gravel bike down.

How’s lockdown 2.9 looking out there?

I am seeing lots of activity on Strava. More and more people getting antsy and heading out with their masks on. More people in the mountains than before?

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On Monday night, going up Jiannan Rd and then climbing up Zhongshe Rd there was certainly more cyclists than the previous week that I went up. Coming back into central Taipei I decided to go west around duckhead and saw 3 different running groups which I never saw in the past 8 weeks.

Knowing there was rainy weather coming I also went out Tuesday night on the riverside and the paths seemed more populated than before.

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The riverside paths were packed after the initial month.

I forgot where exactly I was, but remember being by a riverside entrance on a Saturday around 6PM after the sun went down and the flow of runners/cyclists was nonstop. Not sure if it is always like this as I am never on the riverside at this time of the day, but wow.

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The riverbank cycling paths have been jammed these last days before the rain. Very annoying actually.

Not when the sun is beating down on it. Nobody around when I took this at 10:00 a.m. the other day.



Yeah, that’s true.

Is that near Xizhi?

Yes, in Xizhi near the Keelung border. It’s one of the five bike/pedestrian-only bridges in Taipei. Cyclists have been known to collect all five in one 100-k ride.


I was expecting a bit more leaves/rocks on the roads in the mountains with the rain and winds from previous days but it was not that bad. One spot had a ton of various sized rocks on the right side of the road during the descent, but luckily it was on a very steep turn so I was riding slowly.

People must have been anxious about getting out after the stormy weather + loosening of restrictions as it was the most amount of cyclists I’ve seen out and about including a few groups of 3-4 people.

I’ve been doing the same route the last 3 weekends and I’m not sure if the weather was hotter or not cycling/doing cardio exercise for 4 days killed some of my endurance but all of the climbs felt much tougher than last week.


Good to know - I opted not to go for a ride this morning, figuring the roads would be too much of a mess. I walked along the Danshui waterfront and it certainly had tons of debris from flooding; I assumed, apparently incorrectly, that much of the riverside would be the same.

So tomorrow I’d better get up early!


Cafes are back open on Wuzhishan but people seem very unsure how to drink coffee with a mask on.