How white is Forumosa? POLL

White people are the dominant majority of Forumosa posters?

I simply listed four colors. Biological and cultural races may not be that simple, but please vote to the one you think closest to your color(not sun burnt)/ethniciy.

*Slavs are included in White.
*Yellow means the color of typical to Mongoloid.

  • If you have more than one ethnicity:
    Option1. please choose the one closest to your appearance in the first poll.
    Option2. Please vote to the second poll.


  • White (ethnic European)
  • Black (ethnic African)
  • Yellow (part of ethnic Asian)
  • Brown (part of ethnic Asian/Latino/etc)

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For people with more than one ethnicity. Please choose either option based on your dominant two ethnicity.

  • White(ethnic European)+Something
  • Non-white

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This is getting similar to the DPP referendum obsession.


Are we considering Slavs white?

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Can we choose more than one?

What about Arabs? And Hapas? And Indians (feathers not dots)

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Can we just do this by skull type?


My belly is white. My forearms are yellow. My feet are black. My underwear is brown.

C’mon Tando, yellow? Seriously I might be colour blind but, I don’t see it.


Mr Potato???


Fine :triumph:

is anyone’s skin really yellow?

It’s pretty dark. Be safe

Yes. And they should seek for their doctor’s advice for before dying of their liver complications.

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or call the Mayor of Springfield

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Me! And tommy.

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“As a half-white, half-Asian woman I find myself viewed by my white surroundings as a safe and relatable personification of their orientalist fascinations. I theorize that this intercalary role is a convenient tool for white people to mask racial tensions and guilt.”

Probably not a fun fuck. Or maybe yes, but not much fun outside the bed.

LOL. Leave the subreddit before it’s too late!

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Now I understand! All the previous polls were just made to normalize gender / national differences and lead to this bigot racist poll! We’ve been bamboozled all along!

It’s a slow burn. We are slowly going to have to face the realization of the coming balkanization and inevitable (tribe) war that will take place on forumosa.