How will your school handle H1N1?

My cram school is on a two-week break :laughing: but watching the news tonight about possible school closings and the amount of people with it increasing makes me worry about when we start classes. Anyone heard how your cram school will handle it? Are kids using some kind of hand sanitizer when coming in? How is your school handling extra cleaning (how often, using what)? Maybe this topic should be in “health”, but I just wondered how other cram schools are gonna deal with it.

The education ministry will undoubtedly mail out guidelines if the flu starts to become more a threat. During SARS the main measure was using an ear thermometer to take each student’s temp on entering, and sending them home if they had a fever. Hand washing guidelines were also issued.

If it’s anything like how they dealt with SARS, it will be a pointless waste of time. ALL of the places where they took my temperature with an ear thermometer werre staffed by the medically illiterate - some places used the same thermometer for each person, without cleaning it or using the little thermometer ‘condoms’ some places had; none of the people taking the temperatures seemed to have any idea of what a normal temperature should be, so I would be cheerfully told that I was OK because my temp. was only 27, whereas that would actually mean I had died and my body was cooling off.
My school sent the kids into the absolutely filthy washrooms after every class to wash their hands; just setting foot in there probably made more kids sick. The children also wore face masks; if one fell off while playing a game, and got trampled, ane was filthy, the kid would just put it on again.
In general, they treated SARS prevention like it was some kind of magic: stick this in your ear, run hands under water, wear a mask, and you will be safe.

Yup, during SARS I was flying in and out of HK, as were half the hundreds of students at ShiDa using the same filthy elevator button then going to buxiban in the afternoons. Got my temperature taken;

‘Oh teacher B! You 45 degree!’
‘Er, I’d better go home and rest, then. Drink some water. The manager can do my class.’
‘No! She very busy.’

We had a pair of plastic gloves hung on a string around each door knob to be used whenever anyone entered or left a room. So that we didn’t get our virussy hands on the door knobs.

It’s basically rampant in the UK at the moment. Not much is being done because there isn’t really anything viable that can be done in a place like Britain. There is talk in the newspapers of not reopening schools in September (they believe it has been contained to a certain extent because children are not in school right now), although I can’t see that happening.

Starting in September, Taipei City and County public schools will be checking student’s temperatures weekly. This is left up to the home room teachers to do at my school. This is according to what the academic dean of my school announced today.

My cousin in Aust just had a week off school because she’s got it. From what I heard, she’s just sitting at home chatting on MSN and watching TV. It’s not too serious (for her anyway, a 15 year old).

Fresh from the oven: MOE just announced criteria for “class suspension”:

Biggest cluster so far was in army barracks, so, any big gathering is suspect…

My boss’ daughter’s school just called. they have closed down all “summer classes” for teh durantion, as there were some cases.

It is going to be an interesting school year.