How would i start one on one private teaching?

I dont have a degree for teaching and dont have a bachelors. so How would i start one on one private teaching? any suggestions?

I’m sorry to say this, but I’m always amazed at people looking to teach English, yet they fail to observe the bacis rules of grammar and punctuation. :s

I’m not a native English speaker, but I sure as hell make sure I clean up and edit to the best of my ability.

Sorry for the criticism, mate.

Good luck.

Think about it this way. Would YOU be happy to pay 6x (often more than) your hourly wage to someone with no qualifications to teach you something, who says they are professional?

In this current economic climate, that is how the locals are going to start thinking.

What a crap first post! How can people write stuff like this and expect informative replies?

Rewrite your question, giving us a bit more information (Where you are now, where you are from, a little work experience etc.) and I will answer your question in detail.

And welcome to Forumosa.

Will you be teaching dance, guitar, cooking, or what? Creative dentistry? Origami? Is this in Kending, or Osaka? Do you take rubles?

Put a few ads up around your area and on Taiwanted and on Tealit. Start teaching. Get the money up front. 8 weeks minimum. When they dump you for being useless, put fresh ads up.
Works like a charm. Remember, a lot of potential customers won’t realize that you’re borderline illiterate.