How would you feel?

Imagine you’re a woman and you meet this cool guy who is an artist and keeps talking about his art, art in general, life, human nature and how we should not feel shame about our bodies. You are open minded and he impresses you a bit, so you accepted to pose for him.

You go to his place, maybe some things happen, he asks you to pose and show him your nipples just for art’s sake and then he paints this:

How would you feel? What would be your reaction?

It’s not something I’ve ever considered. It’s tricky to come up with an answer.

I have thought about what it could have felt to have been charging up beach Sword like my grandad did.

However, you’ve asked the question so I’ll answer it. I think that imagining being a woman while being painted by Modigliani would feel like a gentle breeze over drying Parma ham. That’s how I feel, so therefore it must be right.

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or the sun on sun-drying tomato, but pretty much.

He checked off all the tortured artist check-list, but he was good.


Giraffe fetish much?

She appears to be about five days dead, so possibly she didn’t have a reaction.


So you’re saying that perky nipple is the result of rigor mortis?

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Good grief man, what sort of pervert are you? I hope they never let you into a mortuary.

It’s not a photo bruv…

No better way to cool off on a hot summer day. :wink:

This is all disgusting. Human scum. I am not backing down from any fight right now. Weirdos - I’m not backing down.

I guess that’s why he could paint a picture of a corpse slumped in a concrete basement and get away with it. It was a simpler, more innocent time.

ok, now I’m sitting at home all day playing with my breasts.