Hsinchu American School

The Hsinchu American School are advertising for an English teacher (English lit.). They may be advertising forever since they can no longer get an import. Their Acting Principal cannot be clear about what he wants; the new Vice Principal who has been in the job a very short time does not seem to know what she is doing. I read bad reports about the place. Hard to say how accurate they are, or how satisfied staff are with the administration. My friend interviewed for the job. S/he said it’s funny how certain people reveal so much about themselves by the way they look, and the way they like to talk to themselves. S/he thought the duo interviewing were insincere and uninterested. Anyone at HAS care to comment? Good luck if you applied, and even more good luck if you start at the place.

It’s interesting to consider we won’t have any FOBs (Fresh Off the Boaters) for 6 months or so.

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Any info I have about HAS is old. I taught at a now-closed school in Hsinchu back in 2004, and one of my coworkers also had a gig at HAS. She had nothing good to say about the place.

Interviewed with the same duo. I can concur. It was like the whole room went cold and they were trying to eat my soul with some voodoo magic or something haha.

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how interesting.