Hsinchu live house

Hi all ^^

You think Hsinchu is a tech paradise with only engineers and engineer-wannabes? :no_good_woman::no_good_woman:
Actually, this little city is full of artsy fun that is waiting to be discovered by you!!!

Don’t have any plans for the weekend?
Strong winds make you shiver with loneliness?


:partying_face::partying_face: COME HANG OUT AT 彌聲Mixing Studio :partying_face::partying_face:

:sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart: Music and new friends

:alarm_clock::alarm_clock: This Saturday 2021/02/27 07:15PM

:microphone::microphone: 3 foreign rock bands (based in Taiwan

:beer::beer: No need to BYOB, you can purchase drinks from us

:bangbang: For more information, click here:

Lumos mini tour


How’s the after party?

Here’s a location link 彌聲 Mixing Studio https://goo.gl/maps/MMY2mVUiL9JWSgVi7

日期:DATE: February 27th 2021
時間: 6:30PM Open 7:15PM Starts

7:15PM-8:00PM - Little Army
8:00PM-8:10PM - Break
8:10PM-8:50PM - Gold Seal
8:50PM-9:00PM - Break
9:00PM-9:40PM - Moonlit Drive

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