Hsinchu Restaurants and Coffee Shops

Don’t see many recommendations on restaurants or coffee shops in Hsinchu
or Zhubei. Anybody have any recommendations?

Heard about a Mexican place and some chill coffee shops but can’t find any information about them.

How about this one?

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In my neighborhood in Hsinchu’s East District. The owner is an Indian employed in the Science Park. His family owned restaurants in Northern India, and he grew up working in them. Evidently a man of enormous energy, he tells me his dream everywhere he has lived is to offer the best Indian fare possible. I asked him about who is cooking in back, and he told me that he brought a chef from Northern India over (I asked if the chef was a relative of his, but he insisted that’s not the case).

I’m hardly an expert on Indian food, but I am an expert on delicious food. The fare here is excellent.


Haven’t tried that one. I’m amazed by the number of new Indian restaurants popping up around Hsinchu.

As for Mexican food, Quantum Taco is probably the best of the bunch. Not like there are a lot of options though.

They now have two locations, one is near the train station, the other is located at the new shipping container night market.


Tried Quantum a couple months ago. Terrible.

The only other option you have is Taco house, which is more like Taco bell.

I just google again and there’s a new one called The Wand.

Judging by the photos online, I’m guessing it’s at the same level as Taco House.

It’s telling me it’s permanently closed.

That store was just opened earlier this year too… I guess there isn’t much of a market for Mexican food in Hsinchu.

That Indian food looks ace!

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I like the Peking Duck at the restaurant in Sheraton.

I strongly recommend “Ca’Bianca” pizzeria in Zhubei, for pizza, pasta, etc. Excellent true Italian food, reasonable price.

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Duan Chun Zhen near the Mackay Hospital is hands down the best beef noodles I’ve had anywhere in the country. In spite of it being a chain the taste in Hsinchu doesn’t compare to that in Taipei. Prepare to queue.

He’d better bring the ingredients too.

Ca’Bianca is pretty great.

As long as we are talking about hole-in-the-wall establishments with an actual Italian chef, this place has great pasta


Quantum and Tacos in the same line doesn’t really work.

Yeah, I suspect his menu is somewhat limited by what ingredients he can source here. Compared to Indian restaurants in, say, Bangkok, his menu is much smaller.

I’ve seen him several times in the nearest PX Mart (always empty-handed) looking over produce and meats. Just next to this PX Mart is a large parking lot where a night market is set up every Friday night. I’ve seen him there as well, always chatting with stall owners. I suspect he’s always on the hunt for suppliers.

Even so, every dish I’ve had has been really delicious. Any time I’ve gone, I think if my brain had been wired up for electrical activity it would have looked like a Fourth of July show on the monitor. All major pleasure centers were firing like mad. Really good food.